Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ubisoft Wants "Players to Have a Smile on Their Face" - Video Interview

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ubisoft Wants "Players to Have a Smile on Their Face" - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Arguably, it's been a case of diminishing returns for the Assassin's Creed franchise in recent years, with the annualisation of the series bringing seemingly more of the same each and every year.

Ubisoft is hoping to try and buck the trend with Assassin's Creed Syndicate this year, addressing some of the main criticisms from Assassin's Creed Unity, while adding some new and exciting tools for traversing the city of London.

We wanted to know a few specifics on the game, so we sat down with Creative Director Marc-Alexis Côté to discuss where it wants to take Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and how Ubisoft Quebec is looking to put a smile on the faces of players when the game launches this October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Find out more about Assassin's Creed Syndicate in our E3 hands-on preview here.

  • This needs to be more about what players want, not want Ubisoft wants. Ubisoft clearly wants a shovelware on a yearly basis and players to fall for it every time. This in direct opposition to what players want, soooooo .... I'm just glad I canceled my Unity preorder. In terms of what I want, I want a open-world, pirate / naval RPG using the Black Flag engine and with all the AC bullshit gone.
  • Oh theres a smile on my face basicly because there is no boringplayer in it for a change
  • @#1 hell no. And if u want that Assassins Creed rouge says Hi. I want ubisoft to just go back to Assassins Creed 2 was
  • I want a continuation of the modern story that Ubisoft has dropped since the end of AC3. Enough with the Animus, just make the games about modern-day Assassins.
  • @ #3 -- Can you read? Seriously? I want a serious, historical pirate / naval RPG, using the Black Flag engine (improved, of course). I am talking about a Skyrim at sea with greater historical realism, not another AC game. With the assets they have, they could make naval combat much deeper, more realistic, and challenging / rewarding. The closest we came to that was the Pirates of the Caribbean PC game published by Bethesda, which was developed first as an unlicensed open-world title but then the assets were bought and ported over the Disney POTC concept (just window dressing, honestly). Anyway, it was a flawed, rushed title in some ways, but it was awesome because there was an economic / business aspect + the ability to control not just a single ship but a fleet in battle. I'd love to see a game like that. Honestly, I bought Black Flag for the naval gameplay and historical setting. I don't give a shit about Assassins vs. Templars.
  • @#1 I agree that ubisoft should have made a pirate game because there world is separate from assassin's , and assassin's would not be caught dead on a boat or near a pirate . On topic this dev team is so out of touch with the fans and there own franchise . Adding a rope launcher is a mistake because now the game is like batman instead of being different .
  • Certainly it will make me happy. I'm happy twice a year - at announce and at release :3 love Assassin, hate haters
  • People Need to stop whining about Assassins Creed. It's so much more than the mechanics you don't like or the annualisation you brand as milking. it's always a great historical action game that not just tells stories in a specific era of humankind, it's always a direct picture of what it was like in those eras. Do you really want AC2 over and over again? Than you contradict yourselves. But I have to say I wouldn't mind them doing something new either, in addition to AC.
  • Hate to break it to you guys, but AC is played out at the moment. Maybe they could put the series on ice for a few years and then do a glorious reboot or resurgence (like Tomb Raider). But they are just embarrassing themselves at this point. As #6 notes, they are now imitating mechanics in other games when they used to be the innovators. That is your sign that is done (for now). I have a hard time distinguishing the AC fanboys that cream their pants over announcement trailers / hype and then line up for a sub-par game, from their COD counterparts ... except the AC ones are snobbier. In any case, AC is one of the last franchises Ubisoft has with any real traction. I understand why they are doing what they are doing because they don't have much else to "milk." But the effect is like a starving animal eating its own guts. At least they haven't fucked Far Cry up ... yet.
  • Seriously? Far Cry 4 was more rehash of FC3 than any AC And still it was awesome
  • @ #10 -- Sigh ... you are making my point. I said they haven't fucked Far Cry up. Not sure what else to tell you. My point is that if Ubi wants to make money with the AC franchise and rebuild its fanbase (vs. its current strategy of diminishing returns), it needs to take a couple years off and let things cool off and be ready with a properly developed, revitalized, re-engineered title that returns to its roots, with innovation (not imitation), right at the point when people start saying "I wish there was another AC game." They are, like so many before them, strangling the goose that lays golden eggs. They ought to make a "historical" action / adventure game (I'd prefer with RPG elements and naval combat / exploration) for the off years between AC. Who says a historically based game can't be successful if it doesn't have their stupid Assassins v.s Templar story? I think they are afraid of that happening, to be honest ...
  • I'm skipping it this year. After Unity, and now this just looking like Unity in London, I am done. They actually started doing something new, something great with Black Flag and then they just threw everything out and said fuck it, let's make it boring, lets make 100 side missions that are horribly bland and let's remove all the great features from Black Flag. When they stop moving forward in time, return to a less modern era and return us to a story outside of the Animus that matters, I will return to the series. This game just looks like crap, and I've been a huge supporter and defender of the series since AC1. But Unity was probably my last entry. I have given up.
  • @11 Well I dont completely object, but more of the same can sometimes be good as well. "Who says a historically based game can't be successful if it doesn't have their stupid Assassins v.s Templar story" They should take the intro of AC Unity and make that a Full game, templar or not. The Intro was a blast. Or like you said, a pure pirate game. But like I said, I really dont mind another AC
  • People are complaining now, but still buy the game when it releases. And afterwards they not satisfied, screw them. I love AC and hope this sage will continue for years.
  • I never got round to Unity but I think this one is shaping up well.
  • @11 Here's a hint, its called "Assassin's" Creed, if your sick of the Assassin vs Templar story, maybe this isn't the game for you
  • People complaining about this series apparently being milked but they're completely fine with remastered shit. Double standards ;)
  • Dreadnaught is always bitching. Looks like he want from complaining about Battlefront to ac. I personally can't wait for it!!!!
  • Gangs, turfwar, stealing/hijacking carts - It's GTA Creed.
  • I have a smile on my face right now from the knowledge that after Unity I'll never buy another Assassin's Creed game.
  • Cautiously optimistic.
  • I liked unity and never experienced a single bug when I played and I had it from day one
  • I am all for more AC games but this dev team is clearly rushing without taking a look at the past titles to see what fans liked so much about those old AC games . My main problem with syndicate is assassin's would not dress like that in that time period , they don't want to attract attention , they want to blend with the crowd and appear to be just another person . Adding a rope launcher is a mistake because that would attract attention and takes away from what made the game different because now it's like batman.
  • I want an AC set around 54-68 AD Rome
  • Besides the fact that the AC games dont progress enough from sequal to sequal... I decided I was done paying Ubisoft to be one of their beta testers after Unity came out. So I cant even get excited about another AC game. I think the only way Ill even end up playing another AC game is if people are just besides themselves with how impressed they are about it.
  • I meant sequel*... they need to let us edit comments.
  • Ubisoft "bucking the trend" will take more than a rope swing and tag-teaming with a female character ... both of which have existed in other games for years. A change of setting to something truly different and exciting perhaps? China, India and Russia have all been squandered on their side-scroller. Or how about moving backwards in time instead of inching forwards for no particular reason? A return to medieval would actually be good. Or go back even further? The Romans? The Greeks? The Persians? There is a whole world out there and history more interesting than anything you can manufacture ... yet we're up to our third iteration of a modern-era revolution? I still fundamentally enjoy the series as a whole. AC2 and Brotherhood were amazing. Black Flag was the right shot in the arm at the right time. Everything else has been average at best. If they actually made games based on any of those emails you find in Black Flag/Rogue/Unity then they'd be laughing. Instead it just feels like a tease and playing it safe. Play a wild card Ubisoft. You have nothing to lose.
  • The reason why Ubisoft is seeing diminishing returns on AC is because it's a yearly franchise, it works for COD because that's an online FPS AC is not it's a single player campaign.
  • (My main problem with syndicate is assassin's would not dress like that in that time period , they don't want to attract attention , they want to blend with the crowd and appear to be just another person .) I'm sorry but some of you lot are complaining for the sake of complaining, maybe you should have pointed this out on the first AC game.
  • main criticisms of AC:Unity - it didn't fucking work, damn straight you better get that fixed you fucking retards stop rushing out games just so you've got something on sale for the holiday season, last year was a joke and showed just how fucking stupid Ubisoft are, and also how stupid they think we are [with the shit they pulled in Watchdogs, and tried so hard to cover up - ripping out access to high res graphics in the PC version, then blaming poor performance on hardware / drivers - even though it ran like shit on top end machines using none of the kit they said caused the issues] I'm not a fan of the series, but have friends who were, until they released unity and shit on the lot of you...but they still have their defenders, because you know, they gave away a free game to those who bought the season pass, and made the DLC free for everyone...that is not good, that was their way of getting out of the shit storm by creating a war between fans and haters I really hope this game flops, Ubishat need to be taught a lesson
  • I think im the only one who didnt like the naval stuff in AC
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