For Honor is a 'Shooter with Swords' - Video Interview

For Honor is a 'Shooter with Swords' - Video Interview

Richard Walker

A brand new IP from Ubisoft, For Honor is a refreshingly different multiplayer prospect, doing away with shooting things in the face in favour of lopping off limbs and heads with a big sword.

It's also the realisation of a fantasy project for Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe, who having worked on Far Cry 3, had For Honor's core concept floating about in his head for years.

Find out how VandenBerghe managed to convince Ubisoft that For Honor was a good idea, and how the project made it to fruition. Get more on For Honor in our hands-on preview here.

  • Can't wait for this as well... A knight, a viking, a samurai... can't get any better than that...
  • I usually dont go for this kind of thing, but I am surprisingly interested in it...
  • Gotta wait for full detailed reviews on that, the concept is freaking nice, the only problem is Ubisoft who dissapointed me time and time again...
  • if it wasn't completely mp, i would get it i like how it looks, and how it plays, but just the fact there's nothing more, there's no substance to it....i don't know
  • A "shooter with swords". That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
  • I'm kinda excited for this game, looks cool. But, can game developers/journalists please try to sound less ridiculous?... I swear, either they think there isn't a point, or they think they're talking to only 12-year-old's... "A shooter with swords?" Are you kidding me? That sentence so blatantly contradicts itself that it's hard to take anything the person says seriously from that point on... That's just as bad as when that dude from Machinima said Far Cry 3 was "Like Skyrim with guns"... Ugh... /rant over, sorry lol.
  • Had the same thought #6 haha. But i'll keep an eye on this one, if the reviews are decent enough I'll eventually get it. I'm not big on MP stuff anymore.
  • So does that mean we'll have to listen to 12 year olds screaming about fucking your mom in this game, too? It does look cool, though.
  • @4 - It isnt completely MP, it has a SP mode.
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