E3 2015: Destiny The Taken King Will Have Trophies

Lee Bradley

Frustrated that the 700 hours you’ve pumped into Destiny have only yielded you a measly trophy haul? You’re not the only one, but help is on the way. Bungie has confirmed that The Taken King will offer up brand new trophies for you to earn.

That’s according to Destiny design lead Luke Smith (he created the Vault of Glass raid). Speaking to Rooster Teeth during an E3 2015 live stream yesterday, Smith confirmed that the upcoming The Taken King expansion will indeed offer up some new rewards.

The news shouldn’t really be notable, but it is. Neither of Destiny’s previous expansions (The Dark Below and House of Wolves) came with trophies and both Bungie and Activision have thus far dodged telling me exactly why, despite assurances.

There’s no further information on the list just yet, but you know we’ll have it on the site before anywhere else. If there’s a “Play Every Day for 9 Months But Still Don’t Have the Gjallarhorn” cheevo then I’ve got it nailed, mate.

Rich played The Taken King at E3 2015 this week so look out for his write-up soon. In the meantime you can watch a Bungie ViDoc on the subject here (the dude with the mustache is amazing) and find edition details here. The Taken King is out on September 9th.

[via Planet Destiny]

  • The dlc looks good. I'll play agin of there are more trophies to earn. Didn't get the first 2 expansions.
  • Why is there no option on PSN to pre-order "The Taken Kings" alone? I'm not paying £54.99 when I already own the game(which I paid £40 for at lunch) plus the expansion pack(which I paid £35 for at lunch).
  • @2 there is on the PSN Store. It's £39.99
  • @1 To play taken king you'll need to buy the first 2 dlc's aswell I'm afraid pal: ( As far as trophies go I just hope the don't add flawless a hard mode raid, flawless trials of osiris, collect all exotic weapons/armour, max out grimoire score, or some stupid crucible grind like get 10,000 kills with each class.
  • F***
  • @4 You don't need the current DLC's.
  • @6 You do. Look on PS store or any of the numerous articles online about playing the taken king.
  • I skipped the second dlc pack (because of no trophies and the game got boring) and I am hoping that this expansion won't expect you to have spent a lot of time in the second expansion to progress in the third. I hope that made sense... -_-
  • @3 so how come i can't pre order it? Like I said I have the original game + season pass? And £39.99 for a fucking expansion, are they smoking crack, you can buy WoW expansions at launch for £20-£35(£35 being the deluxe version) and they have a lot more content in them.
  • @9 Yeah it was stated a long time ago that taken king was to be a huge expansion, with a price tag to match. It is almost as expensive as a full game so it better warrant that large price.
  • @10 I highly doubt we will get £40 of value out of it, the we didn't get any real value out of our £35, just more ways to make us grind and unlock areas that were already on the disc.
  • I'm as skeptical and cynical as you mate. Dont get mde started XD
  • Oh if you need to get the first 2 expansions to play this new one then I'm passing. That's a new game right there. That's disappointing..
  • Sweet! i love Destiny, more is better!!!
  • They need to fix their glitched trophy "Packing Heat" before adding new ones.
  • Nice, got the plat, preordered the dlc, can't wait for it, hope there's a slightly difficult one in there Can see 3 of them already (max out new subclass, 1/class)
  • Don't care what they add ain't paying that money to farm farm farm farm
  • Well there goes my 100% I suppose I'll have to start playing this game again
  • Farm farm farm you sheeple.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • I was excited about this till I saw that the dlc is damn near the price of the game when it was brand new.....
  • Well it's about God damn time Bungie... Lol.
  • Any chance of a 2nd plat? Don't "goty" editions sometimes come with a 2nd play, it would be some trophies from the base game and trophies for all 3 dlc...
  • @19 Wow man, you are so edgy. 3cool5me
  • I'll probably try to boost out to get the plat before this drops...and then not buy it. Because MGSeptember
  • I hope it's all just grinding type of things, no flawless trophies at the very least.
  • I hope there is a flawlessly Raid Crota on Hard trophy. I hope it's bronze too.
  • For anyone having issues pre ordering the taken king that have all other dlc make sure when you go on the previously paid dlc it states purchased or play not the amount to pay. I had this issue as I originally bought it on PS3 cross game. To fix it I just clicked download on ps4 which done the trick (it didn't re-download anything, just added to purchased) I've now pr-ordered it.
  • £40 for trophies thanks but no thanks if I knew about the new edition (which personally I should have guessed there would be) I would never had bought the game in January but oh well my fault. I am not going to pay £40 for some stupid expansion I'd rather put the money against Uncharted 4
  • Why do people still play this game. You're paying so much money for probably another half passed story...
  • So, what is this exactly? Is it a whole new game or what? If it's just DLC, then this is THE biggest rip-off ever. It's full retail price here in Canada (a whopping $80), so... yea.
  • I understand this is a trophy site but why does everyone bitch when a trophy list doesn't consist of press start and there is your platinum. Some people put 100+ hours into certain games. Just because its a grind for you doesn't mean it isn't fun for me.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Think people are bitching more about 40 dollar dlc more then the game you love so dearly
  • Given the first 2 "expansions" (whatever Bungie) I would think this is not even goibg to come close to $40 in value. Its going to be a huge rip off. Alot of people pre-bought the first 2 and now they all know better. So thats why Bungie put in trophies, to reel in folks like us that like to complete things. Pretty disappointed on this one so far.
  • It is beyond sad that now pre-ordering DLC is possible. Never noticed it until this game, maybe it has the dubious honor of being the first.
  • If you play Destiny as much as I do, there is no way this dlc is a rip off. Where else can you get 33+ days of entertainment for the price of game + a few DLC's.
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