Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Introduce Legendary and Retired Loot Classes

Lee Bradley

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Supply Drop system is getting a few changes soon, introducing two new loot classes called Legendary and Retired.

In July, following the launch of the Supremacy DLC on PlayStation platforms, the Legendary class loot “kicks off with the uber-rare Sentinel CI (Counter-Intelligence) Gear Set,” says Activision.

“There is currently only one set in existence, awarded to the very first Grand Master Prestige player in Advanced Warfare, and this is now your chance to collect the rarest gear in the game. This set of eight pieces can be unlocked via Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drop and each Item is highlighted purple in the Armory with the highest redemption value in the game.”

As for the Retired class, the name relates to gear which is being remove from the loot table following the release of Supremacy.

“If you have this gear in your Armory, you’ll still be able to use it in-game, but for those that don’t, they will no longer be able to be earned in game,” explains Activision. “Think of this gear as being decommissioned and the rarity of these items with also be going up." 

"Unlike Legendary, however, if you redeem these after the update you’ll never have access to them again.”

  • This is starting to sound more like collecting Beanie Babies than a FPS ... it all began with those stupid dogtags back in MW2 days.
  • wait, just because something is discontinued and not available, does not mean it will become rarer...the only people who play the game will likely have them already, I don't foresee many new players coming to the game so late in its life cycle all sounds like nonsense to me anyway....isn't it supposed to be an FPS, not a fucking fashion model simulator
  • @ #2 -- YES ... ^^^ THIS COD lost its way years ago, after Black Ops. Best one in my view as WAW, which wins by a nose vs. MW. I know MW did the innovating, but WAW was the one I enjoyed more. I think it was the vehicles.
  • Please go back and look at black ops.. It was the last cod game i really enjoined. More of that, less of destiny.
  • *enjoyed
  • Seems like these supply drops are getting out of hand, who are the people who are supporting this shady business practice, they need to wake up and see it's ruining gaming.
  • @1 If you're talking about kill confirmed, I'm pretty damn sure MW2 didn't have that game mode.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Is this Activision definition of innovation? Lol seems to be pleasing some people otherwise they wouldn't be bothering
  • And this is one of the reasons I don't like AW. One person can get an over-powered variation of a gun while another can get a not so great variation, all down to luck...and whoever has the biggest wallet.
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