Gamescom 2010: Suda 51 Working on 'Sine Mora' for PSN

Richard Walker
Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have joined forces for Suda 51's latest project, a side-scrolling shooter with a time-manipulating twist entitled 'Sine Mora'.
The partnership is apparently the beginning of a venture that will see more games being developed for online digital distribution in the future, with Sine Mora being the first in a potentially long line of PSN titles.
“We think we can strongly benefit from having an ally such as Digital Reality in the digital publishing realm, who can provide long term online publishing services to its partners, and to gamers.” said Suda 51, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture.
Details on Sine Mora are scant at present, but expect to hear more from the time-bending shooter in the coming weeks as well as more announcements regarding future Grasshopper and Digital Reality titles in the coming months.
  • Sounds pretty awesome.
  • Still waiting on formal announcement/reveal of Suda 51's and Shinji Mikami's horror collaboration title.........
  • i want No More Heroes on my PS3 nao! but this soudns awesome too =p
  • awesome i guess i want more info on this game
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