Alien Isolation Sells 2.1m Units as SEGA Reports Weak Game Sales

Alien: Isolation Sells 2.1m Units as SEGA Reports "Weak" Game Sales

Richard Walker

Despite reaching respectable sales of 2.1 million, Alien: Isolation has failed to perform for SEGA, the publisher has reported. As part of overall sales that have been described as "weak" by the management, Alien: Isolation has contributed to 12.3 million units sold, boosting sales of packaged software by 41% for the financial year ending March 2015.

Alien: Isolation's 2.1 million sold figure takes into account both digital and boxed retail sales, giving a relatively poor return on what was presumably a big budget undertaking. The Sonic Boom titles for Nintendo consoles also sold only a combined 620,000 units, making them the lowest selling major Sonic games of all time.

SEGA sold 12.3 million units of packaged games during the financial year, earning ¥111 billion ($925.7m) in revenue, which is a rise of 11% year-on-year, with ¥44.8 billion of that total taken from physical sales and ¥44.7 billion from digital.

Alien: Isolation launched for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC in October 2014 and became our Game of the Year, because it's brilliant.


  • sega need to make a new shenmue otherwise there done n dusted..
  • Not bad after Alien Colonial Marines. What would you expect? More people will buy the next Alien because Alien Isolation was great and everyone knows it.
  • This is more about the impact Colonial Marines had on Sega's reputation. They can't really complain and should just be taking it on the chin, Gamers didn't trust them with Isolation at first, I'm sure a sequel would sell very well now they have earned our trust again. As for Sonic...they have tried to cash in with a poor game aimed at 3 year olds, when they huge bulk of their fan base are well into their 20's/30's.
  • "Despite reaching respectable sales of 2.1 million, Alien: Isolation has failed to perform for SEGA" WTF! That is a great sales figure! most games now don't break 1m sales!
  • @4: Capcom is the same, with them a game needs to sell 2 million copies to get a sequel else all bets are off.
  • Not too surprising. Survival horror games like this aren't all that widely popular. Most people prefer run and gun gameplay or at least choice of stealth or action. Not many of us enjoy feeling vulnerable and scared most of the time LOL Still considering this, numbers are way better than I expected. I guess many people bought it not knowing what it was, which is still a good thing for devs LOL
  • I thought Colonial Marines was just fine since I ignored all the hype surrounding it. When you don't pay attention to hype, it's impossible to be disappointed. Isolation, no, I had zero interest because I want to kill enemies, not run away from them.
  • [Comment deleted]
  • Great, so no sequel. I really loved this game. It was and still is my GOTY of 2014.
  • just goes to show originality doesn't sell......shame that, was a very good game.
  • SEGA are starting to sound like square Enix. 2.1 million copies and it's a poor seller? Sure, it's not an outstanding amount, but still...
  • Big budget to walk around in darkness? Yeah. Heaven forbid a drop of color made it in.
  • Right, so being nearly 20% of your total sales is weak...get your fucking head out of the sand sega you've let the franchises that you had be dragged through the mud by any piece of shit company all for the sake of bringing another game in a franchise out, with no regards to quality Isolation is the first good game with your name on it in fucking ages, and lots of people avoid it because it has 2 names on it, 1 being sega, a company who couldn't give 2 shits about fans & product quality and the other being alien...we've grown pretty used to the fact that alien games are notoriously shit, always just shipped out to some small dev, who has little experience, just to save money on costs, with colon macaroons you at least tried to pass it to someone, but they merely did the usual and fobbed it off onto someone else whilst running to their own project with the funds...that taste was still very bitter in our mouths, and therefore those of us that did buy it waited until it was cheap because we don't trust you or any dev on an alien game any more stick to making your crap party games, it is very apparent you know nowt about real games, hell, it was clear you knew nothing about sensible hardware production years before you nearly folded, yet you didn't see that coming went the way of Atari, now you're a running joke in the industry, with your mascots all reduced to terrible party games or guesting in rival franchises
  • 2.1 million is a great number, specially for a horror game. It's not the easiest genre to make sales these days.
  • It'll be a real shame if they don't do a sequel, because Isolation is one of the best games I've played in years. Unbridled terror from beginning to end. SEGA should probably realise people are still pissed off at them after the Colonial Marines clusterf*ck.
  • All of these companies continue to ignore what consumers want and then bitch about low game sales. Sega, please give us a regular Phantasy star or Shining force game. Square, please give us a regular turn based final fantasy... = games sales. It doesn't have to be that hard and you don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime. Hell, people still go to those fast and furious movies and that movie has been made 7 times.
  • 2.1 million is weak? Geez, what planet are those old fossils on? Most games don't get Call of Duty numbers. 2.1 million isn't too bad.
  • Alien was gonna be a hard sell after colonial marines, you reap what you sow Sega. The marketing for Alien was pretty weak too. Also ignoring fans is stupid , even a HD remaster of the shenmue games would see you rake the money in.
  • What do you expect with the Sonic Boom games when they where Nintendo exclusive, I knew as soon as the Nintendo partnership was announced it wouldn't end well, guess I was right and I'm actually happy about it, because now maybe Sega will see sense and release a multi platform Sonic game
  • Maybe if Sega wasn't known for releasing shit games now they would sell more. Alien Isolation is probably the only good game they've released in years.
  • They need to stop with the milking of Sonic and it's crappy 3D games and go back to a nice. Long traditional 2d scroller game like how awesome sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles was they need to release phantasy star online to westerns audiences quicker and a new shenmue and Skies of Arcadia sequel maybe
  • 2.1 million is not enough for sega because of the cost to make the game , segas dev team was not tooled to make a game like this so the first one will be the more expensive one . This type of game can become popular but it has to be done right , the mechanics for the alien are all broken and the trophy list is not ideal for this game .
  • I'm not going to defend SEGA, because like EA and Dead Space 3, and Square Enix with Tomb Raider, they had extremely unrealistic expectations for this title. Even if you take away all the industry shit surrounding SEGAs attitude towards fans, and that whole mess with Colonial Marines, Isolation was never going to be a big seller. Its a slow, ponderous, Survival game (I wouldn't exactly call it horror myself) that for the first half of the game at least, absolutely requires you progress with stealth. Now I'm a big fan of being stealthy in games. Thats how I will always play Deus Ex titles, but even I found this game a total grind to get into. It is a good game, and it flows nicely, but I cant think of a single gamer I know who I could recommend it to, precisely because it is so slow. Its a niche title, and the number of units it has sold is commendable for it being a niche title. Unfortunately, as someone mentioned above, it didn't sell CoD numbers of units, so its deemed as a failure. Just another reason the gaming industry sucks.
  • Poor??? smh this is what's wrong with the industry.
  • @6 Did you even play AI? It gives you that exact choice of gun or sneak. Also not sure how you figure 2mil sales equals no interest. How loud was the disappointment at the Silent Hills cancellation. The genre is very much alive.
  • What is wrong with publishers these days? They all have stupidly high expectations for sales. In what world is 2.1m sales bad?
  • Best game in current gen so far, but that's a sad example for why extremely high production values are not always justifiable. Even if this game is profitable, the risk is very high to invest hundreds of millions of dollars just to get a few of them back. anyways, I hope there will be another Alien game by Creative Assembly. This one was so good.
  • This was a good game, but after a while the alien became really predictable and I got a bit bored, I love survival horrors but this wasn't as good as I was hoping.
  • @#25 I have, have you? I haven't tried it on easy, so point taken maybe it was shoot and run as you've desrcibed. No matter what you might think survival horror is not a popular genre. Obviously people who like it will speak up and it may make think like there is a lot of those gamers, but there isn't trust me. Stop patronizing me and play Alien on medium/hard and let me see you run through the game shooting everything and everyone that moves. Especially those pesky androids and alien itself. What is it with people these days. Gives you a choice? Not every game gives you a choice and that's ok. Some games should just be played the way they were meant to be played, otherwise you just won't fully enjoy it. Deus Ex gave you choice, Dishonored gave you choice, Alien not so much. I suggest you replay (or play if you haven't) either of the 2 games I mentioned twice and see what choice and difference it actually makes. If you think Alien gave you choice, you will be blown out of water, I promise you!
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