Sony is Shutting Down Free-to-Play Vita Game Destiny of Spirits

Sony is Shutting Down Free-to-Play Vita Game Destiny of Spirits

Richard Walker

Having only been available for just one year, Sony is planning to shut down free-to-play PS Vita RPG Destiny of Spirits in June 2015. The game only launched on 25th March 2014, but will come to a close in a few months. Sony has offered no explanation for the game's cancellation.

Destiny of Spirits has been downloaded by over a million players, who'll be able to participate in the Fan Appreciation Campaign to coincide with update 1.12, the game's final update. This will see past events returning, so players can relive them once more before the game ends.

You'll still be able to buy Destiny Orbs until the game closes in the Americas, but you'll no longer be able to purchase the in-game currency from 28th April in Europe and 29th April in Asia. All unused Destiny Orbs you have left will simply expire after the game shuts down in late-June.

In Destiny of Spirits, you'd collect spirits by visiting real-world locations, with each spirit unique to certain regions in different countries. It was certainly a novel idea, designed to encourage players to take their PS Vita with them on their travels. Destiny of Spirits will be shut down for PS Vita on 30th June 2015.

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  • Sony has publicly stated they want more F2P games in their ecosystem. I guess just not for Vita.
  • Closing this after only 1 year is ridiculous, especially since it's still really popular.
  • #1 not when the ones that are maintaining it are themselves. Most F2P on the Vita can be played offline, but this one needs servers that cost money. Sony apparently prefers to piss off pretty much 1/3rd of Vita's rather than continue the support. TL;DR Sony is full of shit. Big news.
  • I guess the money from the microtransactions weren't paying for the server costs for the game.
  • With no given explanation for the closure I can see some kind of lawsuit coming if the servers shut down in 3 months. "We are Sony and we have the right to shut down whatever we want" I have seen games we a similar fan base size still stay online for longer then just a year.
  • The vita is being discontinued anyway. After September you can't even download anything in your download history. You can still use the games but single player only. Also the use of the ps4 is still in. I know as I recieved an email from Sony. I'm hoping there'll be lots of offers if their abandoning it. i.e 0.01p lol
  • @6 I had the same email that's just for playstation mobile not the games on the vita store.
  • @6 That is only Playstation mobile stuff and not all the rest of PSN on Vita.
  • This wouldn't be such a big deal if they'd release a patch that would let the game run offline and the world to fit a single player experience. But no they wont they'll just buttfuck their player-base.
  • @7 + 8 I thought it was for vita also as it mentioned vita in the email. My bad. Apologies
  • I have been playing DoS since the start. I did take a few months break but started back last month, only to have this happen. I really loved it. So I have these last few months to get my 100%, something I have been putting off. I just hope they give us more wallpapers using the artwork during the Fan Appreciation or something since the art is great. Now I need to find another game to fill that spot. Oh well...
  • It isn't a bad game but the economy is a all over the place in the game and it is a grindfest for next to no reason.
  • wow. its really the only game i play regularly on the vita. oh well. i guess i will play my ps4 more
  • @12 Its a grindfest to keep you playing
  • @14 Its a grindfest to keep you paying That's how the F2P model works.
  • @15 Thats what I just said >.>
  • Guess I'm screwed on getting that final trophy
  • I kept coming back every day over the past year, it's simple but addictive. It's a little sad to see it go. The Vita needs more fun games, not less.
  • Kind of sad to hear, but honestly not a huge deal. I'll need to grind out my last trophies before this happens, but at least it will get me playing again.
  • In other words, too many people playing it were actually playing it and not forking over actual cash.
  • A shame. I wanted to start it after I am done with Fat Princess' Match 3 as it looks quite interesting. Meanwhile convoluted shit like Travel Bug stays active.
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