First F1 2015 Images Leak and They're Lovely

Richard Walker

Having announced a new-gen version of Formula One back in July 2014, its been rather quiet since, with no official word on F1 2015. Until now, with the leak of a handful of first images from the game. They originate from a leaked internal Codemasters email. And rather pretty they look too.

"The work-in-progress images were taken from a confidential internal development email. At this time, all content is subject to approval by Formula One Management and the teams," Codemasters told Eurogamer following the images finding their way online.

There's improved lighting and anti-aliasing on show in the four shots, which is particularly noticeable in the cockpit image of Lewis Hamilton's Petronas Mercedes, as he takes Monaco's Ste Devote corner. F1 2015 will release with the 2014 season liveries, teams and drivers, before updates are deployed to bring the game up to date.

Hopefully we'll hear more from Codemasters on F1 2015 soon.

  • Sweet...........just non of that rewind crap please :) Oh and i want the full game not half a game with all the good stuff as dlc.
  • @1 i disagree with your first point as getting new players into this game will be a good thing but having no management system for the difficulty will put alot of players off i think, your 2nd point i couldn't agree with more and hope Codemasters see it and know that it is a statement that will be echoed throughout the gaming community :)
  • Damn it looks real. Looking forward to this. Hopefully they don't leave out any features.
  • Comment #2 by stevedb79 The gamers likely to buy the game will more than likely be fans of the sport and not casuals. The rewind button has no place in the game if it wants to call itself a sim. If its going out to be an arcade racer then so be it add it, but nobody wants a halfbaked hybrid of the no disrespect to codemasters those racers they put out like that were rather lacking / a bit shit. Anyway just man up when you make mistakes and play on....rewinds cheapen the feel of the racer......not like Lewis Hamilton rewinds each and every blunder he makes....Jesus those in favour probably hate losing hence the need to have the rewind.
  • @4 why do you even care? They've had setting for the amount of rewinds available on every single game when they first started with the license back in 2010 (and naturally the feature has been featured on every game too) and it's not like you are forced to use them anyway. Besides, it's not like fan of F1 automatically has a lot of experience with video games. Clearly the season challenge mode was put there to make the game slightly more accessible with faster progression through season. Codemasters has to be able to sell these games to casual crowd as well. They most likely wouldn't return to the series for a while if the game was made hard as hell without any options to ease it out. These games aren't hardcore sims anyways even if you drop all assists off.
  • Can't wait! Didn't buy 2014 as I had already jumped ship to modern-gen. I'm looking forward to bombing it round Austria and Russia, not to mention Mexico, in my shiny SF15-T. Bring it on Codemasters. Just please bring back FP1 & 2, more track time means more fun! And I better be able to pick my driver number too!
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