From Left 4 Dead to Metamorphosis: The Story of Turtle Rock's Evolve - Video Interview

From Left 4 Dead to Metamorphosis: The Story of Turtle Rock's Evolve - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Responsible for the original Left 4 Dead and the sequel's DLC, Turtle Rock Studios has made a name for itself as purveyors of fine co-op shooter experiences against marauding creatures. With Evolve, the developer is no doubt keen to cement that reputation, with asymmetrical four hunters facing off against a single powerful monster.

In the culmination of a bunch of pre-release content, we sat down to chat with Turtle Rock Co-Founder and Creative Director Phil Robb, discovering more about rejected monsters that didn't make the grade, eSports potential, controversial DLC, Left 4 Dead and more.

Sit back and enjoy our video interview with Robb on all things monstrous. Evolve will be stomping on to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 10th February.

  • i actually am excited for EVOLVE. bring on the monsters!
  • i hope they make L4D3. I'd be more interested in that,
  • First video I have watched on Evolve... I am completely interested now, just looks like one of those games you can drop in play and drop right back out of avg 13 min matches yes please!
  • @3 no there is no drop in drop out and the matches last anywhere between 20-40 mins
  • This game is getting major hate as of late.
  • The game is getting major hate because Valve fanboys can't stand anything new being created that will compete with their lover.
  • The haters have arrived! Haha shows that I was right.
  • @6 I think the reason for the downvotes is because you are wrong. I am not a valve fanboy. The reason I dislike this game is because of how DLC driven it is and the failure of the Alpha. There was information about the DLC plan announced before the game was. I didn't get past the menu on the Alpha anytime I tried. Didn't get an invite to the beta to see if it had improved for me.
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