New AvP Screens & Trailer Will Suck Your Eyes Out And Lay an Egg in Your Brain

Richard Walker

We've got our hands on some lovely acid-blood-dripping Aliens vs. Predator screenshots that are just waiting to hug your face right off.

The new screens have everything, including Aliens jumping, Predators leering, Marines pulse rifling in sheer panic and in one shot, the Predator appears to be attempting to get an Olympic gold in the javelin.

Take a look.

The multiplayer demo hits PSN tomorrow (that's Feb 4th, folks).

Speaking of multiplayer, we also have the latest Aliens vs Predator multiplayer trailer, fresh off the presses. You've seen the Survival mode trailer and the Predator Hunt one, now it's the time of the Xenomorphs in Infestation - a mode that pits one Xeno against a team of marines as he looks to pick them off, one-by-one and add to his team with unsuspecting victims.


  • Game looks awesome.... probably going to be one of the most fun coop games of this year.... very eager to finally play the demo on thursday
  • woot
  • Can't wait, I think I might preorder now...
  • game looks sweet
  • Aliens are zombies now? lol
  • Damn, I am very impressed with all the different game modes that they are putting into this. Going to be worth every penny (I hope lol) Cant wait
  • I hope I don't get dissapointed!
  • If the peeps that made it have went back to basics and made it like the first one that came out i can see this being really really good fun!! Cant wait to get stuck into the demo!!!
  • Dosent really appeal so much to me...
  • the demo is out on xbox now but not psn why?
  • Looking forward to this game a lot! I want to try out this mode first.:D
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