TowerFall Ascension Dark World is an Expansion Coming in 2015

TowerFall Ascension Dark World is an Expansion Coming in 2015

Richard Walker

TowerFall Ascension is set to receive a big old expansion in early next year, entitled Dark World. With it comes a slew of fresh content, including new playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials and more.

Red archer, Vainglorious Ghoul will be added with TowerFall Ascension Dark World, and as captain of The Amaranth, an infamous ghost ship, her vessel will act as one of Dark World's four new levels. There's also Cataclysm, the final tower, which uses procedurally generated levels to ensure matches are constantly unique.

New power-ups will include the remote mine-style Trigger Arrow and the "otherworldly" Prism Arrows that lock enemies inside "magical prisons" giving them no place to hide. This is just some of the content that will be stuffed into TowerFall Ascension Dark World, the upcoming expansion due to drop in early 2015.

[Via PS Blog]

  • id go crazy if this had online mode. its the only thing missing from it
  • Although online multiplayer would be awesome, I would imagine how hard it is to develop a online mode with a small indie team. Also the gameplay would have to be very fluent to avoid delay as it could be a huge problem for this type of game. But it would be cool if it worked
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