Why Isn’t Assassin’s Creed Unity a Fully Co-Op Game & What’s Happening With Multiplayer in the Franchise? – Video Interview

Why Isn’t Assassin’s Creed Unity a Fully Co-Op Game & What’s Happening With Multiplayer in the Franchise? – Video Interview

Dan Webb

Assassin’s Creed Unity is set to land on next-gen consoles this coming week, but before it does, we thought we’d bring you one last bit of coverage before our review drops.

We recently had a lengthy chat with Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Creative Director, Alex Amancio, to ask some really hard-hitting questions. Things like, why isn’t the game fully co-op? Will we ever have a fully co-op Assassin’s Creed game? Why lose the multiplayer? Is the multiplayer gone for good now? Could we ever see a standalone Assassin’s Creed multiplayer game? Answers to those and more. Much more.

All that’s left to do now – after watching the video, of course! – is to look out for our review next Tuesday.

  • pre-ordered both Unity and Rouge I hope it will give me a nice story and pass the time until my pre-oredered Dragon Age
  • the multiplayer sucked. It always felt tacked on. IMO. IM good without it especially since their wont be any multiplayer trophies :)
  • I always enjoyed the multiplayer. I always thought it was a very fresh and unique way of playing multiplayer. You had to be smart and anticipate your attacks and defences. You had to have enough foresight to see what was coming. Any fool can run and gun blindly around an environment and get k/d's like the majority of mp modes out there, but AC mp was very fun and smart.
  • Why would you even want a full coop game? Do you people have that many friend to always have at least 1 available to coop anytime? Or do you enjoy coop with random morons that can't even use basic manners when their mic is on?
  • The only AC mp I truly enjoyed was Wolfpack, and it wasn't coz it was easy to just grind levels on it (despite it being just that). I loved playing it solo (I found it heaps more fun than playing with others), it was like a medium/fast paced arcade version of AC, and it definitely could be purely a solo experience. I like that for co-op, they've gone outside of regular missions, so that when you do your co-op, you're not just repeating stuff you've already done in single player (at least I hope so!). I wouldn't have cared if they had every mission available in co-op, I'd still only do it if it was required - anything I can solo, I'll be soloing, I much prefer single player.
  • Competitive mp in AC was really unique. And a Nikolai Orlov game would be AWESOME.
  • What's that? No tacked on MP and no forced co-op? Sounds like they got themselves an extra sale.
  • Ugh ive thought for the last year that it was fully co op.
  • Holy shit no multiplayer in this one? That's a uber win considering it has never had a place in this series to begin with.
  • @4 - If the game has Coop I have a friend (On this site as well) that we always make a run at it.... We live for games that are Coop...one reason we are still on PS3 a majority of the time
  • Is it me or did he say it comes out on the 13th?
  • @11 - Well, that's also one of the release dates. If he's in Europe at the moment, or lives in Europe, or just came back from Europe, then maybe he just gave the European release date because it was the first to come to his mind.
  • id rather have optional well made coop then tacked on copy and paste MP just cuz CoD sells on MP does not mean a game built on SP will
  • @2, did you look at the trophy list? Co-op trophies are still multiplayer trophies and there are at least five.
  • Good, i never liked the multiplayer except the wolfpack. So this game had single player and co-op. co-op is so much fun than multiplayer.
  • They lost a sale not making this full CO-op for me, I do have a coop partner who buys full co-op story games like me.
  • First ACs I'm going to pass up. I despise the shitty tacked on mp portions in the last 2 iterations and the franchise is so played out. Everyone have fun scaling walls and jumping on dudes a lot.
  • Fully co-op AC? Um, no. Not Unless its a secondary game and there is still a main AC game that year or the co-op is 100% option, including for trophies. I'm so sick of people acting like everything has to have online and or co-op. Whats wrong with a great single player only game? Hell, look at Wolfenstein, its easily one of the best shooters of the year, and its SP only. Would it be fun with co-op, probably, but its fun without it too. And I bet any MP they would have done would have felt tacked on at best. I cant wait for Unity, it looks amazing. I'll probably try the co-op with one of my friends that's a huge AC freak, but I doubt I'll do much more than whats required for any trophies I want. And personally I'm glad they ditched the MP. It never grabbed me, just never felt right. I understand why it appealed to some, but I would rather see the devs focus on giving us great SP experiences with AC as that has always been the series main appeal and strength.
  • See for me the new co op features dont interest me in the slightest. i like there being more focus on the story as it makes the game appeal to me more. don't get me wrong i love the Multiplayer in AC, but i wouldn't want a whole assassins creed game based around the co op elements of the game
  • should be fun with friends.....an there is the problem...playing co-op with randoms just epically falls apart...no mic...no communication...language barriers..etc etc
  • And as usual there is 2 sides to every decision. I am happy to see I am not the only one that will miss one of the most unique MP offering out there. And it was only getting better with each installment! Since there is no MP anymore, the replayability of the game itself is at zero to none, which means all of us that had something to sink hours/day into can rest easy and wait for huge drop in price. Not much changes over the time with SP games. Can't make everyone happy Ubi, though it does feel like we are getting less for the money now, with 2 quite hefty other modes gone (wolf pack and MP)....
  • I am fine with it not having multiplayer. I found MP felt tacked on as well. I rather resources and time be spent towards a great single player story experience.
  • I'm rather disappointed there is no competitive MP. I love the single player campaigns and my wife was amazing at the MP. We used to get the game and split our time between the two modes. She hates Co-Op and she's not playing Unity, so its rather pointless. We both hope they bring that back.
  • I like that there is no competitive MP. I always preferred the single player or co op vs the very poor MP they did in previous titles (I'm looking at you Black Flag)
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