PS Plus Instant Game Collection Line-Ups Revealed for Dec 14 and Jan 15

PS Plus Instant Game Collection Line-Ups Revealed for Dec '14 and Jan '15

Lee Bradley

Sony has revealed the PS Plus Instant Game Collection line-up for December and January, as the November update looms large.

PlayStation 4-owning PS Plus subscribers in Europe and North America will be able to download NetherRealms’ fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition and Switchblade Monkeys’ top-down shooter Secret Ponchos in December, and Suncker Punch’s standalone expansion inFamous First Light and and Facepalm Games’ inventive platformer The Swapper in January.

Not a bad offering, eh? Sony notes that Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition is the first proper AAA PS4 game to come to the Instant Game Collection. From the wording on the PS Blog posts, both the strong line-ups and the early reveals are intended to atone for the continued absence of DriveClub: PS Plus Edition.

Meanwhile, later today in the US and tomorrow in Europe, November’s PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles are expected to hit. We’ve rounded up all of the incoming games below.


November 2014

  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - PS4
  • Steamworld Dig - PS4
  • Frozen Synapse Prime - PS3
  • Luftrausers - PS3
  • The Hungry Horde - PS Vita
  • Escape Plan - PS Vita

December 2014

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition - PS4
  • Secret Ponchos - PS4
  • More TBC

January 2015

  • inFAMOUS First Light - PS4
  • The Swapper - PS4
  • More TBC
  • YES! Finally something great for dec and Jan! Injustice and First Light - glad I did not buy Them!
  • Not so sure about great...but it works. Sony trying to push more plus memberships during the holidays
  • Awesome. It was about time. Secret Ponchos was one of the promisses, I eager to play it. First Light is awesome, thanks God I didn´t buy it. I´ll even overlook this month´s desaster.
  • I'm happy with this month's games. For once I don't have any of those games.
  • What is that Gods Among US? Is it Injustice fighting game? If so, I will check it out, but haven't been actually good in fighters in ages since I've stopped playing them. I have first light and it is an amazing game totally worth $15. Haven't had this much fun with retail game actually. Could do without Swapper and not sure about other, but in all honesty I have my hands full with all the new release as it is. No need to add on to it, free or not...
  • Oh those bastards! I got Injustice during that huge Marvel sale. It was lik 4.20. Of course I bought First Light on launch day. Oh well, people will enjoy it. I guess I will have saved space on my HD. Happy about the Swapper though. :)
  • Gods Among Us: Ultimate Edition and First light will be awesome. Do we have to get Second Son to play first light or is it standalone? Also excited for the PS3 games.
  • @5 Yes Injustice is a fighter game with some of the DC Comic roster. Great game.
  • @7 first light is standalone, no need for second son.
  • @7 No you don't need Second Son at all. It's a standalone like Festival Blood was to InFamous 2.
  • Cool. I can definitely wait to "buy" First Light now.
  • ugh. not going to bother with plus until Feb it looks like, already own Injustice when they had the superheroes sale and have first light from a gift card. ah well, backlogging it until The Order 1886 comes out.
  • Seems like some good PS4 titles. Infamous FL is great, although I have already purchased it. I almost bought The Swapper, so looking forward to that. No interest in Gods Among Us, don't care for fighters. Would have rather seen Knack as the first retail game, but can't win em all. I have absolutely no idea what Secret Ponchos is though.
  • I own both first light and injustice... Both are decent, first light was slightly disappointing.
  • Cool, something finally worthwhile on the PS4 this january.
  • Sadly I have Injustice (physical) and First Light, but i guess I'll sell or trade in injustice and download it. Both pretty good games, def good starts to the second year of PS4.
  • Nice, I knew they'd offer First Light eventually. Good thing I held off buying it. That's how I roll these days! As far as Injustice goes, I'm happy they're giving it away but I won't be getting that platinum again. What a pain in the ass!!! As for the other 2 games, I'm cool with them. They seem interesting.
  • too bad I bought injustice but still a good month for those who don't have it or haven't played it
  • I take bets that the suckiness continues for the PS3.
  • Why not Knack? Lol. I'm not really into fighting games but I can definitely try out Injustice down the road. And First Light is a huge bonus! I quite enjoyed Second Son and was waiting for First Light to go on sale, but being 'free' is even better.
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth also available for Vita? Wonder what Dec and Jan games for ps3 and Vita? Guess ps4 will have better plus games than ps3 in 2015 hmm.
  • I already have Infamous and Injustice -_- but i take Secret Ponchos and The Swapper, bring it on
  • Best thing i seen on ps+ infamous first light, that probably would have been the first game I've downloaded from ps+ if I didn't already have it, still though at the end of the day it is only DLC, so it's hardly the AAA title everyone's been waiting for from ps+. Well it's nearly time to renew my ps+ subscription, just so I can play my full price games I've bought online, £80 just for online I hardly go on unless I need to to earn trophies, I feel so ripped off.
  • Safe to say PlayStation Plus's glory days are in the rear view. Injustice? Even people late to the party bought that when it was on sale for $7.99 on the PSN.
  • lol, glad i saw this in time... was just about to buy First Light :D
  • Nice, nearly bought First Light when the discount was on.. Injustice looks alright too.. Never really heard much about it though as its not really my favourite genre of game.
  • I'm surprised that First Light will be featured so soon, but that is great news for those who have not played it yet and who also have PS+.
  • almost bought first light this week, glad I held off.
  • @29, me too! Glad I saw this!
  • @25 I'm starting to think so as well. XCOM, MGR and Payday 2 are probably some of the best titles that we have been given, and that was a very long time ago. I guess I have been waiting patiently for something similar but even my patience are wearing thin. My taste might be a bit narrow however I'm honestly starting to view PS+ as an unnecessary expense.
  • I think this is for EU only.
  • Thank god I saw this, I was gonna trade in Metro Redux to buy First Light at the weekend guess I'll trade it in towards something else now! :)
  • hope this hits NA as well. i have injustice but almost grabbed first light now ill wait
  • Its confirmed for NA as well. I dont want any of those four games since i either have them or dont care.
  • I already bought Injustice but that's okay, maybe there will finally be people to face online due to this haha
  • I'm not into the fighting genre, but since it's coming to PS+ and I love DC, I'll definitely give Injustice a go.
  • i got injustice bundled with my PS4, and then traded it in before even paying on it, and before anyone says anything, my PS4 was a gift and injustice was not a game I would of pick, but I wouldn't mind trying infamous fist light
  • The Swapper is on my "must play" list, so this is great. Also haven't played any of the other games and looking forward to seeing what they'll bring to Ps3 and Vita.
  • Hmm... at least January has something for me to look forward to. Maybe the stuff they havent announced for Dec. and Jan. will end up being good too. I havent been super blown away lately. I think I came to the PS+ party a little too late, unfortunately.
  • Starting to look promising again. Too bad I just bought First Light about a week or so ago lol. Oh well, it was well worth the price. Let's hope they upgrade the quality for PS3 and vita as well.
  • damn, i just bought first light!
  • why you people whining about "just bough first light" - sell it on ebay?
  • PS+ already up on US STORE.
  • Looks like my $50 for ps+ was well spent.
  • Injustice is tempting but as long as they don't plan on patching in support for the Fightsticks I don't really have any interest in playing it. I noticed that the XB1 actually has a new Mad Catz stick released so does anybody know if the One actually has been updated to play with the old Fightsticks?
  • So glad I didn't get First Light right away! Sweeeeeet.
  • first light free. knew it
  • Is it recommended to play Second Son before First Light or does'nt matter?
  • Well, January sucks for me, I own both of those. And dunno about that Poncho games, but Injustice sucks, I rented it when I first got my PS4 and its no where near as good as the last Mortal Kombat was. But atleast Sony is finally upping the quality of titles being offered, so cant really complain too much. Hopefully they keep it going. And is anyone besides me shocked that Knack isn't the first retail game they offered? I thought for sure it would be lol
  • @49 its a prequel so you could go in not having played SS
  • Well done Sony! Thanks for listening to us!
  • I dont know why people are saying first light being offered is amazing. Its basically for free to buy in the shops so if thats a deal that you find amazing you must be so poor.
  • #53 , the price you pay for first light( new and phisical) on stores, you can pay for 3 months of ps plus, check it out!
  • #53 and yes, we are very poor!
  • Looks good considering what we got the last 2 or 3 months. Finally some decent retail games. Injustice isn't for me though, because I don't really like fighting games. But I figure many people will be happy with this. Was going to buy Second Son as my next game and now I can get First Light as a nice free bonus. Seems like a win in my book. @25 and @31: Maybe this will be a sign Sony wants to improve PS+ again. I really think these are some good games.
  • #54 That might be the case where you live then because first light brand new sealed disc is now $7.99 where i live.
  • for the ps3 and vita it can mean 2 things, we get shit or we get good stuff :)
  • Although the PS plus games haven't been great since the introduction of PS4 I still like the service and think it's worth it. I would've like to see something more mainstream like Thief, NFS Rivals, Assassin's Creed or even BF4/CoD Ghosts. Still believe we'll see genuinely good AAA titles coming from next April/May.
  • Injustice and inFamous First Light... nice. Except I already own Injustice and have got the platinum for First Light.
  • Seriousily gamers are so whiny bitches. First they complain about to many indies, now when they give retail games you don´t want an old one. Ohh no i don´t want this one cause its 1 year old and i don´t like it. Grow up ffs. Its not like Sony can just give out all new releases. Ohh no don´t mind the publishers wanting their game to sell at all. Such hypocrites
  • Definitely gonna be hype for December and Jan.
  • Teaches me to buy games before I have anytime to actually play them. Bought Infamous: First Light day one and I still haven't had to chance to play it. Oh well, live and learn.
  • I'm so happy to see The Swapper get its chance at the spotlight. Such a deserving game!
  • well..well..well...the superation of the mens!!ajaja
  • So chuffed with Injustice, bought it day one with my PS4 but traded it to get something different to play. Really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to playing again! The months are being good to us!
  • Add Injustice to the list of games I wanted 2 copies of and nobody will buy.
  • Not too shabby! IF only I had a PS4... *le sigh
  • Has there been any update to what the other games will be next week?
  • really injustice the game a lot of ppl just paid the extra 10 bucks for to get ps3 and ps4 copy really? and infamous as great as it is fail most ppl who like the game already bought that day 1 plus just keeps getting worse and worse and it will continue to do so since we are all required to have it now.
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