Capcom Games Have to Sell 2 Million Copies to Get a Sequel

Lee Bradley

Capcom has a policy that prevents the company from creating a sequel to any game that fails to sell over two million copies.

That’s according to Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono. Speaking to Famitsu, Ono said, “At the end of the day, there are just some brick walls that a salary-man can never overcome.”

“For instance, if a game doesn't sell over two million copies, then we'd have to put the brakes on any plans for a sequel. All that means is that we weren't capable enough.”

"And all we can do after that is to reflect on the experience, take what we can learn from it, and try to apply those lessons on some other title.”

The answer came in response to a question about the possibility of a Street Fighter X Tekken sequel, which only sold 1.7 million copies worldwide.

Ono also said that Darkstalkers will not receive a sequel either, because “we didn't manage to hit our sales targets” for Darkstalkers Resurrection.

  • So did the ten versions of Street Fighter IV all sold over 2 million copies each?
  • SxT didn't sell well because of the stupid paid code that they ask for when you buy the game.
  • Does anyone know how many copies Dragon's Dogma sold ? I'm dying for a sequel…
  • Well i guess thats the end of most of cashcoms franchises,and possibly spell the end of them. It's not like they even try anymore. Directors/shareholders need a cash boost answer--- churn out another street fighter or resi evil game that are almost carbon copies of the previous release.
  • So no Dragon's Dogma 2. Fuck you, Crapcom!
  • I would love to see another Dragon's Dogma and Resident Evil proper (is it 7 I think in the main cannon) next year. Now all of sudden chances for that looks very slim indeed...
  • Seems kind of stupid to have a generic target, regardless of the game/development budget. I am sure there are games that have turned a profit with far fewer than 2 million copies, while others that have such a large production budget, that they would need sales in excess of 2 million to just break even.
  • Yet DMC3 sold less than 2M and got a sequel, DMC4 sold over 2M and didn't. And DmC sold over 2M, and no sequel as of yet.
  • how fuckin ridiculous is that?
  • I guess we aren't going to get anything good from Capcom for a good while. Maybe til REmake & Revelations 2. On a good note, at least we finally learn some of their company secrets. Before, everyone was clueless about a bunch of sequels. Now we know how they play. Apparently half their games won't be back around, the other half will die out soon. And finally we're left with "we gotta sell 2 million re-release copies!"
  • C'mon people please buy every version of Resident Evil Remake so maby they will redo Resident Evil 2
  • @3 + 5: Dragon's Dogma sold over 2 million copies, at least according to Dragon's Dogma has to happen. They would be insane not to do a Panta Rhei powered sequel.
  • Really could care less about Crapcom anymore. They just keep messing up! We ALL can see it plain as day. They won't last much longer if they keep doing this. Resident Evil will eventually drop majorly from the poor decisions to make it COD directed by Michael Bay, and then that's the end of RE as we know it because of their idiotic rule. Goodbye Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and whatever else Capcom has milked to death.
  • give DMC to ninja theory, let crapcom keep releasing that bullshit ultra super shite fighter. did each of expansion packs or whatever you call them sell 2M each? i seriously doubt it.
  • Crapcom.
  • with stuff like this i always wonder what if they sold 1,999,999 would they make a sequel.....
  • Probably telling you this so you all go out and buy a second copy of Dragon's Dogma.
  • That would explain why Onimusha never got a sequel after DOD :(
  • If this is their policy now then they must have a million ideas for new IPs cause there wont be many of their games selling enough to warrent sequels with the way they are handling the output of their games... Listen to the fans Capcom and you will reap the benefits because there hasnt been many must have Capcom titles for a while..
  • So no sequel for DmC. Damn you Capcom!
  • These guys at capcom have serious issues and focusing on the money is not the answer . Re making resident evil is a good idea but take a good look at the trophy list they gave it , who would play any game that has invisible enemies , and is it even possible to beat the game with just a knife ? How will you defeat the bosses ? The Re remake trophy list is going to chase people away from buying this game .
  • @21 I know we are on a trophy web site, but there is plenty of people out there who doesn't give a single fuck about trophies, they play for, you know, hum.. they used to call it ''fun'' yeah.. you should try, it's freaking awesome not being tormented for hours or being pissed off at a random thing in a random game for a stupid trophy... I'll buy the remake of resident evil simply because it's on ps4, even if I have the original on ps1 and the remake on Gamecube and maybe my purchase will help to fund something BILLIONS of people want, a fucking Resident Evil 2 remake!
  • @21 Just don't suck at the game and it shouldn't be an issue. Jokes aside though if trophies/achievements chase you away from a game you need to get over it. I love getting both but I'll still own and play games that I know I'll never be able to perfect, like fighting games. Plus for those RE remake trophies there are obviously going to be guides after the game comes out for them. Just follow those to the teeth and you shouldn't run into an issue.
  • So, what were the sales for Darkstalkers Resurrection? 1.9 Million? SEGA released Project Diva F. It hit the top of the charts, and keeps doing so. They immediately made plans for the sequel. Darkstalkers Resurrection hit the top of the charts. It sold probably at least a million units. But some guy in Capcom's sales department saw it falter at just below 2 million, and said, "Right, no sequel." Fuck em.
  • So... Anyone want to talk about that picture at the end of the article? No? Okay then. I'm just going to go and never sleep again after seeing that. :
  • Lets hope the new Street Fighter game don't sell well so they can let it die. Enough already.
  • Does that mean we can finally get Devil May Cry 5!? Excellent.
  • At the end of the day Capcom are a business, they have to try and go where the most money can be made. It sucks, but it makes sense. On that note, now everyone knows exactly what they must do to get a RE2 remake, buy the Remaster of the Resident Evil 1 remake.
  • If they don't make Dragon's Dogma 2 I'll be super sad.
  • How Capcom would sell 2million copies of their games if they don't put a decent trophies list and sometimes there is no platinum ?? If they put a platinum in DARKSTALKER RESURRECTION i will go to buy.. Street fighter it's a great game,but the people are very bored every time to do all training's very hard. Most of you don't care about trophies,but most of us yes.If you make a nice game with a decent trophie list with a fucking platinum included you stay sure the people will go to buy. The Evil Within it's a good game,horror and survival,platinum included,decent list with no online trophies,im sure this game will sell more then 2 million copies for PS3/PS4. SxT have not sell very well cause this game have a stupid mechanism,you just need to push button and you have to pay extra money for unlock all characters,you remember CRACKCOM ??
  • Re: trophies - I fully understand people that are trophy-obsessed, because for a lot of people, *it truly turns into OCD*, myself previously included, so they should definately take more care in what trophies they create to not make their customer-base tear their hair out in despair. And posters should take greater care in handling the trophy-issue with their peers, no matter which side you're on. Re: Thread. Weeeeeeeeeeeell... that sucks. This is my main gripe with CoD. I'm a firm believer that they're great games, even though I don't buy them (or if I do, once they're very old/used), but it feels like this business-model (and other companies' similar stances (SqEnix's TR/SD/Hitman thing, anyone?)) has a direct correlation with CoD's and AC's successful annualization-figures. Most games aren't for the casual, and those that are, could be, has a sales-number equivalent to it, obviously aren't marketed correctly as they don't come up on the radar for enough people.
  • tear their hair out in despair and start loathing the franchise (I know RE5 did that to me, among MANY, MANY others)* wants a sales-number equivalent to it* That edit-button.
  • Not enough copies sold to merit a sequel, you say? Then sell the franchise so someone else can profit, if it means so little to you, Capcom.
  • come on dead rising 3 on ps4 please!
  • @34 Probably won't happen bro, maybe we will see Dead Rising 4.
  • how about we put capcom out of business then. we gamers have the power yet not know it.
  • @25: It's Ono, cosplaying as Chun Li, holding a miniature Blanka figurine, what's to discuss? :p
  • :fingers crossed for Dragon's Dogma: The fact that I've bought the original on both PS3 and 360, and Dark Arisen for the 360 (got DA from PS+), I've done my fair share I'd like to think. :P
  • Well Capcom here's the thing... You made games with additional content added into the game but decided to lock it and make us pay extra for it. Don't piss fans off and we would gladly buy your games. By the way we're still waiting for a Mega Man game make it happen
  • @#14 Give DMC to Ninja Theory?! Are you high? If DMC should be given to a developer, it should definitely be Platinum games. The guy that directed/creator of DMC is at Platinum Games. Ninja theory created a bad character and they dumped down the combat. Also running the game at 30FPS on consoles while DMC4, which is a 5 year old predecessor, was running at 60FPS. Sorry, but a game that is about reflexes, intense combat, combo's and chaos....60FPS should be the standard. So, Ninja theory? Hell NO.
  • If that'be true, there shouldn't be more resident evil games since 6, and we should have had sh1tl04ds of Megaman games...hmmm Now it's no more Megaman games, and continuous Resident Evil-Shooter-like games, that even Capcom are getting bored of them. Soooo, let's recover the first Gamecube resident in HD as it has been the last real Resident aside from Zero, and well, it will sell. Now let's hope they do Resident 2, 3 and 0 in HD like that,would be awesome...OH!!WAIT!! it won't sell so many copies!! After all, it will only please the old franchise fans, not the casuals who only want shoot and run. Bummerrrr.
  • @40 Yeah Hideki Kamiya should definitely be the one to rightfully have the game. That and Viewtiful Joe. I would love to see some next gen twists on both games.
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