Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition Coming to Europe

Richard Walker

While Europe already had its very own Dead Rising 2 Special Edition in the shape of the 'Outbreak Edition' complete with action figure and other bits and bobs, Capcom is spoiling EU consumers rotten, making the previously US exclusive Zombrex edition available in Europe and Australia.

We've spied the edition on various retailers' sites today, confirming that the Zombrex steelbook designed to look like a packet of zombification-curing pills is indeed coming to territories outside the US. The package is a pared-down version of the US one and contains only the Zombrex syringe pen and bonus disc. Inside the steelbook is the game and said bonus disc featuring a 'Making Of' documentary.

Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition has a UK RRP of £59.99. Dead Rising 2 will be available in Europe on October 1st, 2010.

  • im first
  • @1 well done, now your life it complete.
  • omg im so glad we get this :D :D i was jealous of usa when i thought they had it exclusive and btw #1, no one cares
  • @1 wow dude im so envy you i wish i was first damn now you have made me cry by rubbing it in
  • Sounds good cant wait for this game and #1 you've made yourself look like a total tat just commenting to say ur first
  • I like this one better than the one with the figurine. What other SE game would come with a band-aid? That is if they don't change it.
  • no offense to anyone who lives in europe but couldn't we have had this one exclusive special edition you guys get so many special editions that never see the light of day here :(
  • @7 like what i cant thinkof any
  • @8, well there was the BP Edition of Demon's Souls
  • @8 Heavy Rain SE for example, imho that's the best SE, no toys and other garbage just a stunning sleeve. I'm glad I didn't miss it back in the day. :D
  • @9, It's almost the same as the Deluxe Edition released in last year. The strategy guide was redesigned, but that's all.
  • Thanks for the dumbed down version Capcom. Not like adding insult to injury.
  • Also since when do we get the special editions? It's normally either the US or Japan, the instant we europeans get ANYTHING over you lot, you bitch about it!
  • Good! i want this one over the stupid fat zombie figure one. I would have totally got our original one if it had a figure of chuck smashing a zombie over the head with a huge dildo or something :O So it'll be this one for me!
  • US got the special edition R2, don't think we got anything?? glad I imported it. Also was it released like 2 weeks before the UK?? Don't think I will be getting any SE for Dead Rising 2, just doesn't seem worth the money.
  • Sorry for double post, but just checked this out on GAME site, £59.99 for the game, DVD, and a pen? I pre-ordered just the game months ago and secured a price of £32.99. Even if you bought the game for £39.99 your spending an extra £20 just for a funky pen? that's insane
  • @come_on_down Go to thrope park, their selling a SAW Syringe pen for £1.50
  • Sweet!
  • @17 Thanks for the inside info, I'm there :D
  • you have to pay to get in but the way I figure it there giving away tons of coupons plus at least this way you get a day at thrope park plus a cheaper way of getting the syringe pen.
  • @7 oh and im still waiting for uncharted 2 spec ed with the rep knife
  • In my opinion the Little Big Planet 2 Collectors Edition is a GREAT Deal!! :D What ever happened to the version of this game that had some little zombie dude with it? O.o
  • Urm that's a completly differant special edition called The Outbreak edition for £69.99
  • Game companies need to release ALL editions to all parts of the world :) Everyone wins!
  • hey if they did it like that, I'd be alright. Nobody loses out and the games companies don't play all us gamers in differant regions against one another.
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