HAWX 2 Interview: Edward Douglas, Creative Director

Dan Webb

There's something fishy about meeting in central London with no idea where you're heading after. To make matters worse, when you get to said meeting point, there's some sort of spec-ops soldier waiting, gun (obviously plastic!) in hand, with orders to throw you into a Humvee and take you out to the intended destination of the trip.

Luckily Ubisoft hadn't suddenly flipped and ordered a Ghost team to eliminate the UK's games journalists and they were instead taking us out to an airfield just outside London to play some HAWX 2 and chat with the dev team.

In what turned out to be a beautiful day, we headed outside to the edge of the airfield to chat HAWX 2 with the game's Creative Director, Edward Douglas, to see what Ubisoft Romania had in store for us this year with the sequel.

  • That is very cool Webb. You are a true industry insider! What did you think of the game?
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