Far Cry 4 - Changing the Tone, Weaponised Elephants and the Best Far Cry Open World Yet - Video Interview

Far Cry 4 - Changing the Tone, Weaponised Elephants and the Best Far Cry Open World Yet - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Bid farewell to the jungles of Far Cry 3. For Far Cry 4, you'll be visiting the snowy mountain peaks of the Himalayas and navigating the forests of the fictional Nepal-inspired land of Kyrat. You'll even journey into the mythical realm of Shangri-La, where you'll battle demons and play out the fondly held legends of the region and its people.

It's the "best Far Cry open-world yet", Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson tells us, as we quiz him about Ubisoft's latest "fish out of water" adventure, in which you play as Ajay Ghale, an American with roots in Kyrat. His relationship with antagonist Pagan Min is also something that proves a mystery; one you'll have to unravel.

Watch our interview to find out about Far Cry 4's shift in tone, its weaponised elephants, flamboyant bad guy and much more. Far Cry 4 is out on November 18th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Get our hands-on preview here.

  • Yey fad cry with all it's new hype followers, pass. 3 was dull, and blood dragon was terrible, done with the franchise. thumb down away.
  • At the end of the vid it says Dead Rising 2 Interview, that should be Dead Island 2
  • Let's hope they also change the way they write the characters and how the gameplay works so it's not a game full of unrelatable twats with a lot of frustrating looking for the one solitary pixel that lets you skin an animal in between talking to unrelatable twats.
  • #3 Oh look it's mr. negative again! Well why don't you just, I don't know, not buy the game?!
  • Oh Mr Toto, you should know MJC by now :P
  • It's ok 1 and 3 go ahead and go back to Hannah Montana and leave the real games to the real players. They obviously need more linear games because freeroams are toooo complicated
  • Yeah #6 it's funny how many gamers demanded open world free roam games, and then once they get them, have no clue how to play or what to do with themselves, and then whine about it. Not just Far Cry, but other games in general.
  • @$ What? He made a valid point. The characters in the third game sucked. It was still a great game and fun to play, but how is he being negative for suggesting a legitimate way it could be improved?
  • @8 I agree, Ubi seems to have a hard time writing good characters and stories recently, FC3, Black Flag and then in Watch Dogs. They make some great game play but they need to working on the writing dept.
  • @8 and 9 really? You think Vaas was a badly written character? Wow.... I thought he was fantastic, definitely got goosebumps everytime he spoke of the definition of insanity. You guys are obviously way too picky or sheltered.
  • @10 Vaas was interesting, but I agree with the rest of the commenters. The story was fairly bland. I loved the free roam and gameplay, but the story was lackluster. Ubi should probably look into hiring someone from Rockstar; they seem to have the whole balancing free roam and a good narrative down pat.
  • FC3 wasn't great. The editor was too restricted. The world too generic along with all the NPCs that did no interactions with you. Vaas wasn't great, ok, but not great. Let's hope they continue to improve the series.
  • i wonder if in the snowy mountains if you aren't wearing a coat you freeze to death.
  • I loved Far Cry 3, so thinking of buying 4.
  • @ 14 ditto!
  • Wow, this actually looks great IMO. Getting this day1 instead of gtaV-next-gen!
  • Very nice game I played FAR CRY 3 and can't wait FAR CRY 4
  • Ok.
  • I like how they added the mini-helicopter on FC4 also you are able to ride elephants, but I think I like the world of FC3 better. great game thou
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