AvP Multiplayer Trailer Gets Ready For The Hunt

Richard Walker

SEGA has released a new trailer showing off AvP's new Predator Hunt Mode, which has players assume the role of Marines who must try and take down a lone Predator.

The new multiplayer mode looks fast-paced, tense and action packed, with showers of fluorescent green blood and Marines screaming in agony. Exactly what you want, yes?

Successfully killing the Predator as a member of the Marine prey means you become hunter for the next round, able to dispatch your prey with thermal vision, stealth camouflage and deadly wrist blades.

The announcement of the Predator Hunt Mode comes hot on the heels of the newly unveiled Horde-style Survival Mode.

Take a look at the trailer, then be sure to go check out our awesome AvP hands-on preview and interview.

  • The game is looking immensely good.
  • so cant wait to get my hands on this game!!!
  • o_O I like
  • Damn, everything from the sounds, the gampeplay and even the frequency of trailers has me wanting to get this game now...I just jizzed in my pants
  • I will second the jizzed pants
  • WOOO jizz in my pants!
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