Dead Island 2's Californian Paradise, Awesome Improvised Weapons and Character Cars - Video Interview

Dead Island 2's Californian Paradise, Awesome Improvised Weapons and Character Cars - Video Interview

Richard Walker

We've said it before, but we'll say it again. Zombie murder never goes out of fashion. And with Dead Island 2 and Dying Light both coming in 2015, it looks like we might just see another resurgence in melee-based zombie-mashing. For Dead Island 2, Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager is taking the reins, relocating the action to California.

What difference will the not-really-an-island location of real-world California bring to the table in Dead Island 2? How will the four new characters change the gameplay dynamic? Will there be loads of new weapons and mods? We tracked down Senior Producer, Carston Lindner to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.

Get the lowdown on Dead Island 2's "awesome improvised weapons," blueprints, custom character vehicles, zombie types and loads more in our video interview below. Dead Island 2 will be out in spring 2015, and you can get our hands-on preview here.

  • Yager really stepped it up with Dead Island. I wonder what the process and transition was behind Techland to leave Dead Island behind only to create a game similar but better which will be Dying Light. I would figure Warner Bros invested alot into them in order to make the game and now it looks far better than Dead Island. But then Deep Silver got Yager to make Dead Island and it looks far better than previous Dead Island's. Maybe Deep Silver wants to compete with Warner Bros and Techland?
  • And we all know California is the best place for zombie killing...because reasons...
  • @2 you just want to see more bikini zombies. :P ------ Let's just hope it doesn't take a turn for the worse like the original. BUT seeing how an actual developer is making it; most likely to succeed. Enjoying the more open world, colorful environment, and better looking combat. ONLY thing I wish for was character customization/creation. That's a big thing these days, to be able to put yourself into the games. To unleash your creativity and make a unique character so you don't look the same as the other person.
  • Just a heads up: The thumbnail of the embedded video says Dead Rising 2 instead of Dead Island 2.
  • Man, this game looks so much better than its predecessors. Hopefully it actually is.
  • jc but wasnt dead island a glitch ridden pos? Is this the same company?
  • Am I the only one who noticed the thumbnail says Dead RISING 2?? And I don't know why the hate for the previous 2 Dead Islands.....I think the games are fantastic and I still own both of them.
  • both dying light and dead island look great and are a day one buy. we have had hundreds or zombie games in the last 3 years but very few of them are good
  • @6 no its not the same developer but if you read the article you would have known
  • nice i always wanted to shoot some of those stupid hollywood actors and actresses...
  • @6 Yes, Dead Island was a glitch-ridden pos, but no, Dead Island 2 is under the development of a different company, Yager - the people who made Spec Ops: The Line (which is a fantastic game btw).
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