PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack Coming This Autumn

PS Vita Adventure Mega Pack Coming This Autumn

Lee Bradley

A new PS Vita bundle called the Adventure Mega Pack is coming to Europe this Autumn, Sony has announced. It throws in a memory card and some top notch games, along with the Vita itself.

More specifically, the Adventure Mega Pack contains the new model PS Vita, an 8GB memory card and a voucher for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan and TxK. It will cost €199.99.

A version of the bundle containing just the memory card and the games will also be made available for €39.99. There’s a trailer below.

  • 8GB... Can you even fit all those games on 8GB? ...Probably just about, I guess.
  • You would have to be insane to buy it at that price.
  • And thats about all the games we will see for the vita this autumn old ass games!
  • Wow, a Vita bundle that actually has Vita games. All the ones I've seen in Europe so far are ones that come with a ton of PSP games pre-loaded onto it.
  • It will be tight but I think you can just about get them all on an 8GB card - however Uncharted, Gravity Rush and Escape Plan are whoppers of games in terms of memory.
  • This a great bundle for anyone interested in getting a Vita and a few great games. They are all on my list of best Vita games and well worth playing. Props to Sony for finally releasing a good Vita bundle to try to help boost interest and sales.
  • Sadly ironic that the situation with the Vita has become so pathetic that this bundle contains a game that can't even be completed due to a glitched trophy (TxK), a launch day game that remains arguably the best Vita game available (Uncharted), and a game that is being remade for the PS4 (Tearaway) so that someone will actually buy it. Sony needs to admit that they have given up on the Vita, instead of continuing to string us along.
  • I might be wrong, but haven't most of these games been free on PS+? I always add them to my queue, because once Vita drops in price to like $100, I will have tons of games to play for free=) @#7 Do you mean game can't be complete or not all trophies unlocked, because one has nothing ( or at least shouldn't) to do with another...
  • @8 Tearaway has not been added to PS+. Uncharted and Gravity Rush were on it for a long time. I don't think that TxK or Escape Plan were on it either.
  • @8 - Yes, I should qualify that the trophy list cannot be completed. The game can, and you are correct that one doesn't have anything to do with the other. That said, if the trophy system is relevant to Sony (and it seems to be), they should not be bundling a game that has been out for some time and is known to be glitched, where there seems to be no interest in patching it. @9 - pretty sure you are correct, only Uncharted and Gravity Rush have been free. Tearaway and Escape Plan have both seen deep discounts though (I think Tearaway was around $10 during one of the sales)
  • If Sony wants to improve Vita sales they should probably just work on getting localized some of the better Vita titles that are currently only available in japan.
  • What a rip off considering all those games were free with ps+.....
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