The Last of Us Remastered Requires 50GB of Your PS4 HDD Space

The Last of Us Remastered Requires 50GB of Your PS4 HDD Space

Richard Walker

According to some of the folks who've managed to get their mitts on early copies of The Last of Us Remastered, the PS4 version of Naughty Dog's seminal game will require a rather large chunk of your console's hard drive space.

Gamepur reports that the back of the box notes that a 50GB install will be required to play The Last of Us Remastered. That's a staggering 10% of your PS4's overall 500GB hard drive space, for those unable to do basic mathematics.

The Last of Us has sold over 7 million copies to date, and you can expect The Last of Us Remastered to add a few more to that tally upon its launch For PS4 on July 29th in North America and July 30th in Europe.

[Via IGN]

  • Holy S#@t! Better start looking for a portable Hard Drive to connect to my PS4, I'm very low on disk space! :p
  • Ouch!
  • Makes sense, PS3 game with the DLC was 40+ GB.
  • How about the downloadable version ?
  • Actually I think the PS3 with DLC was like 30+ but still not a surprise its a full BD. Digital should be same size as the retail for ps4 @ abo
  • @4 As JimmyHACK said. Would assume disc and retail is the exact same size.
  • If the last of us is this big I wonder how big final fantasy xv would be. I am probably guessing they will release the game with multiple disk unless song secretly have an optical disk that can support more than 50 gb
  • Oh wow! Time to clear up some space then!
  • I think @4 is asking how big the digital download will be, if the back of the box says a 50gb install is required to play, not all the game from a disk game is installed on the console, if that's the case here, the digital download will be even bigger
  • Yeah...I'm not getting it. If I was on the fence before I'm definitely not getting it now.
  • On PS4/X1 the entire game is installed from the disc to the console and runs completely off the HDD. So far the disc have just been installs of the same digital game version you would download and size has been the same so far.
  • And that's why i'm gonna get a 2TB HDD when i get my PS4.
  • 50gb for a ps3 game?
  • Those that have already upped their hdd on ps4, which would you recommend?
  • That is going to hurt those planning to get the digital version. Not sure about the US, but I wouldn't think most users in Can, UK or EU would have Internet plans that would make downloads of this size feasible. We are now on a near 'top of the line' plan, and that has a 375gig cap. I believe that is pretty generous' (I use that term very loosely) for Canada, as a lot of plans have less. Unfortunately most places have oligopolies for internet providers, and they are pretty slow to increase caps. Until that gets addressed, going 'all digital' is never going to happen.
  • @7 They have made new types of Blu Ray that can store up to 1TB but I think they are a few years away from public consumption iirc. I think they were also double sided discs too so I doubt they would work
  • Good thing I have space still. Have 300 gbs free still. Was able to makes me extra $ to get it on the 29th.
  • Put it this way since buying a ps4 my monthly average usage is 298gb downloads and 13gb uploads It used to be roughly 80-100gb down and 5gb up when I had a ps3 Luckily I'm on bt infinity 2 which is unlimited usage but my god I would be screwed if I didn't have that service
  • When I bought my ps4 the first thing I did was install a 1.5 TB HDD, seeing the size of these games I'm glad I did.
  • Is it not actually more than 10% considering you don't get 500gb of hdd space? Dont know about the rest of you all but when i'm finished with a game i tend to deleted its install and should i want to replay i just pop it back in. No point it being there if your not playing it :)
  • That's a LOT!!!
  • @13 uncharted 3...
  • Damn that seems unreasonbly high to me. Granted I know most big games so far have been 30+gb. Guess it's not a gigantic deal no point in having a game installed if your done playing it.
  • In a surprising turn of events, the digital copy only requires 6GB.
  • @7 someone can correct me if I'm wrong but atm blu ray can store 300gb or 500gb
  • damn Gina!!!!
  • get ya 2tb hd's people, 3 and 4 tb are on the way ;)
  • So if this is just for a ps3 remaster, how much space will Naughty Dog be using for Uncharted 4?
  • @7, 25: BluRay supports up to 128 GB (BDXL 4x). A new medium is in development is is supposed to hold up to 300 GB and commercially available by 2016, but the PS4 / ONE most likely won't be able to read it. And it's still doubtful if it's commercially viable outside specialised data storage.
  • GIVE ME !!!!!!
  • Big deal... MGS 4 has 48 GB, and it is 6 years old..
  • What is the biggest HD one can put on a PS4 while still having it work properly?
  • @9 That's how it was with the PS3. On PS4, you are installing the full game to the HDD. The only reason you need the disc to play is to make sure you still own the disc.
  • Glad I put in a 1 Tb HDD. I think I currently have about 480Gb free. Seriously recommend anyone that plays a lot of games do the same, it's well worth it and I got my HDD for less than $70.
  • Wonder what the full digital size is?
  • I have an idea for people who don't have enough space, try finishing games before starting new 1s then you can remove the games you've finished, problem solved.
  • @#32 the biggest compatible HDD known for PS4 so far is 2TB.
  • Yeah you get 500gb in a standard ps4 but you end up with just over 400gb after the system information is added on. 50gb for this isn't so bad, its like 56gb for wolfenstein. This already looked better graphically than that before the "hd" upgrade.
  • @32 I have a 2TB drive in mine and it works flawlessly. The only catch is you buy it as an external drive and remove it from it's enclosure (it's easy to do). Seagate Slim Back-Up. There were apparently compatibility problems early on with the drive but with firmware 1.70 and later there is none, and again mine has been flawless. About 1,770GB after install.
  • @39: May do something like that soon for my ps4. Have a 1tb in my ps3 and it's nice not worrying about space. Still have like 600gbs free with all my games.
  • If you delete the game install does it lose your saved game?
  • @7 there are already BD discs that have over 100GB storage space
  • Destiny will have 50 gb install plus dlc and patches after launch,50+gb games these days, sony why not made a bigger hd to begin with?
  • Forgive me for maybe asking a couple stupid questions. I don't have a PS4 yet, I'm getting the White Destiny bundle. So from the comments I see we can add hard drives to the console. Does that mean I have to install a drive or can I just go buy a portable one and plug that in with the USB cable to put games on? Also since I'm getting the white one, will this be the same as the normal black ones?
  • @41: Install files are different from your save files. So if u delete the game app it'll keep the save file still on your hdd. Unlike Vita's OS.
  • @44: I think portable USB hard drives are not supported (other than a normal data storage device), you must build in a new hard drive.
  • @44 someone told me you can't use external hd, but that might have changed with a patch, buy a external hd and take it out of the case then fit it internally in your ps4 make sure you get the right size, think it has to be a sata hd you can get a disc 1 or a chip 1, chip 1s are better but they cost more but will probably be more reliable and faster. Why would getting a white console be any different from a black console, it's just a colour .
  • Thank you SoPof and SUM1SLY for your responses. I will look into doing that then. I just wish you were able to use a portable. So much easier. And about the white one compared to black one question. Yeah I know it was a stupid question, I just wanted to make sure they didn't change anything about the specs of the console or whatever where I wouldn't be able to replace the hard drive. I haven't kept up with gaming news too much this year but am looking to get back into it.
  • Technically it takes up about 12.5% of the system's space since with a 500GB console you really only have about 410 GB of storage data. Either way, Sony needs to make a PS4 console with a bigger hard drive; At the rate these games are going, there's only gonna be room for 10 games on 1 system!
  • That is a lot of GB for a hard drive.
  • @48 yeah it's not a ps4 slim, i don't think they would change the hd anyway if it was, the ps3 fat had the same hd as the slim & super slim. Tbh mate it's not that big of a deal to swap them, you just slide the panel where your's will say destiny up then there's 1 screw to remove the hd, once you have the hd out you need to take the cradle from around your old hd off that will only have 4 screws then put it on your new hd put it back in and that's it. Think you need the hd set to fat32 for it to work though, well you did with the ps3.
  • so if i buy a dice version i will still have two install all the data and if i uninstalled would the little picture that represents the game on my ps4 xmb go away because i really like having that there, what i mean by the picture is the little boxes with lets say the assassins creed logo?
  • also can someone direct me two a 2tb HDD for the ps4
  • Anyone remember the beginning of the PS3 60gb model version? it filled up fast too when games have to install on an HDD first to play, even it wasn't much.
  • Why is there this great concern for install size? Oh its 50gb install so i wont get it. Do you really need everything on your hdd? Delete something you are done with or not playing.
  • due to hd text-er
  • "The Last of Us has sold over 7 million copies to date, and you can expect The Last of Us Remastered to add a few more to that tally upon its launch For PS4 on July 29th in North America and July 30th in Europe." Highly doubt we will see a few more millions copies sold. @49 Sony is all about quality games and not quantity... 10 is all we need. 10 quality games is all we will get...
  • I couldn't really care how big the file is, my reason is that once ive played it and finished it i'll delete it. I only ever have a few games on my HDD to play at any one time. I hardly ever replay a game more than once unless its a sports game.
  • @52, Nah, you can delete it. It WON'T delete the little square boxes at the end of the xmb. You're safe and good. Those square boxes are like your complete library, I guess.
  • @59 thanks i just like having a complete list of all my games ahah @55 iam looking for a bigger HDD because i decided to focus on completing all my ps3 games and i have at least 14 game iam buying from September until February
  • What was the purpose of game installs anyway? It takes an hour sometimes to play a game after the installs and patches download.
  • @61 Bluray read speeds are terribad so to have everything on the hdd is considerably easier on loading times and reduces "pop ups" and "pop in textures" based on the game engine.
  • @59 if u delete the game and it's data, the logo/square on the menu will disappear, u can't delete the install and keep it, only thing that is separate as far as I know is the save files. I could be wrong though. You can't delete patches n shit like u usedto on the ps3
  • @15 - they actually have caps in canada then? in the uk, the uncapped is truly that - i could download 100TB in a month no problem. I cant as i dont have the space but there you go. As for this, i should really play the ps3 edition but having only 20gb spare on ps3 at most these days im worried i wont even be able to install it. As for the PS4 version it shouldnt be 50gb what is wrong with running from the disc? thats what they are for, or what is the point. I know it runs faster, but you should have the choice, like on xbox 360.
  • It's not 10% because i have 1TB :) and if you didnt get 1tb hd what were you thinking :) lol
  • The install is 45gb... Confirmed... I bought it today
  • 2TB HD upgrade for $127.32 free shipping. Finally!
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