US PlayStation Store Holding a 2-for-1 Sale: 11 Two-Game Bundles To Choose From

US PlayStation Store Holding a 2-for-1 Sale: 11 Two-Game Bundles To Choose From

Richard Walker

There's a new sale taking place on the US PlayStation Store, offering two games for the price of one. The 2-for1 sale offers eleven different two-game bundles to choose from, starting at just $9.99.

You'll find saving across a range of two-game collections including a Rockstar bundle with Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, a GTA bundle with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City and Vice City Stories.

From Dust and I Am Alive can be picked up together, as can Bionic Commando Rearmed and its sequel, as well as a bunch more. There's a fairly decent selection. Check it out right here:

Bundle | Sale Price

  • Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons (PS3) | How to Survive (PS3) - $14.99
  • Bionic Commando Rearmed (PS3) | Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (PS3) - $9.99
  • Narco Terror (PS3) | Sacred Citadel (PS3) - $9.99
  • NBA JAM: On Fire Edition (PS3) | NFL Blitz (PS3) - $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS Vita/PSP) | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS Vita/PSP) - $19.99
  • Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition (PS3) | Red Dead Redemption (PS3) - $29.99
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon | Call of Juarez Gunslinger Game Pack (PS3) - $14.99  (existing bundle)
  • Babel Rising (PS3) | Outland (PS3) - $9.99
  • From Dust (PS3) | I Am Alive (PS3) - $14.99
  • Corpse Party (PS Vita/PSP) | Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PS Vita/PSP) - $19.99
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS3) | Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD (PS3) - $19.99

The US PSN 2-for-1 sale starts today when the PS Store updates and will continue through July 21st.

[Via US PlayStation Blog]

  • I won't lie. That MGS bundle is oddly tempting, even if it's for PS3. But it's all overpriced nonetheless.
  • Prices seem quite high?
  • Damn it plus. I have like one of every game from all of those bundles lmao shit
  • Meh. Nothing worth it here.
  • That blood dragon-gunslinger bundle.... Although, what is the price it already has??
  • Pass.
  • Oh aother US sale luckily its all crap tho, whens EU getting sum love
  • Damn it plus. I have like one of every game from all of those bundles lmao shit
  • When I made a comment yesterday on another site about hopefully getting some decent sales because the last few weeks have been pretty terrible (even that $.99 wasn't all that great), this isn't exactly a step up. Oddly enough, the MGS bundle is tempting because I was planning on 100% the PS3 version of MGSV at some point... but I already have it on PS4 and I have the MGS Legacy collection on disc, so I don't need Peace Walker on digital.
  • I can't recommend Blood Dragon/Gunslinger bundle enough. I bought both on sale for exact same price total (half off each game), but while Blood Dragon is short and sweet, Gunslinger is truly amazing and to my surprise I've played it through 3 times just for the heck of it. money well spent!
  • dang, each bundle has 1 game that i own or 2 games that i don't care about. what a waste.
  • I agree that none of these deals look all that great. Many can still be purchased cheaper at retail new or used. Not to mention so many were also PS+ games. Unfortunately I'm going to pass.
  • Wish there was some PS4 love. Just collecting dust...
  • Sony has lost touch with there fan base , why do they want to keep offering the same games and games everybody has already played . At this point nothing will convince me to play mgs ground zero after being too lazy to give the game enough content to be worthy of a plat . If this sale came with a $20.00 code I still would not buy any of these games . Sony has no idea how popular trophies are or why we enjoy earning them and how that will lead us to play games we wouldn't normally play just to get a plat .
  • nothing good. all can be bought retail for almost same price.....
  • WTF is the point of this. Why not buy one game get ANY for the same price or lower? This is so retarded. RDR is like 7 bucks. FC3 BD is the only worthy game but Call of Juarez is awful why would you even want that with anything. Typical Sony Shit Ideas.
  • @14 Sometimes if a game is incredible it's worth playing even if it doesn't have a plat. I can understand playing a bad game with easy trophies, but don't let a fantastic game without a plat hold you back from playing it for that reason.
  • Why is there there no EU sales? Seems a bit biased to me.
  • if your a true trophy hunter as well as dedicated gamer, getting a plat with a game shouldn't be a factor when deciding on wether or not to buy these titles. once I hit my 200th plat I was like "i have all these awesome PSN titles and I ain't playing them because of no" well f**k that, some of the best games on the store have no plats. people always make me puke when I hear NO PLAT NO BUY. like these space monkeys are gonna beat the top plat owners in the world buy avoiding one or two non plat games.
  • @16 Call of Juarez is amazing. I think you're confusing gunslinger with the cartel.
  • Like others have said, too bad I have 1 of most of these.
  • Thats great... PS4 is cast aside once again from these kind of deals..
  • Steam does sales so much better.
  • So I guess they are all 50% off if you don't have either game in the bundle? Hmm...
  • I'll pass.
  • Also FIFA World Cup 14 is on sale for $14.99 for PS+ members. Apparently there was also a price drop as this is only 40% off of the listed $24.99 price(usually PS+ sales state the price off the original price, not 40% off the discounted price).
  • Over priced most of them and is it me or have i seen most of these titles except metal gear on sale plenty of times and for way less.. I remember picking up i am alive, from dust and outland for 2 or 3 bucks a piece. Lets say 6 bucks for 2 instead of 14.99.. Umm.. Sale? I am personally starting to get sick of seeing the same titles over and over again on sale. This is starting to look like microsoft sales more and more. Dont believe me? They recently had a "ultimate game" sale and the only thing i saw different was mg: ground zero. Coincidence?? Maybe it didn't sell as well as they excepted to why not throw it in there for our "sale"... No thank you i'll keep my ps plus and games with gold
  • Yes another US sale, mean while in the UK f**k all new.
  • If this was a UK sale I would have got the Bionic Commando pack if the rate of exchange was good and not just dollar sign replaced with pound sign.
  • If you haven't played blood dragon/gunslinger, then you need to buy this bundle ASAP. If you're looking for sweet and fun than this is for you. I highly recommend it and it's lots of fun. Also, easy trophies to gain so that's always a plus
  • The only one that interests me is Corpse Party and I already have both games.
  • Only game I'm interested in on that list is Red Dead Redemption. I've tried Max Payne 3 and I didn't like it, so I definitely don't want that bundle. Disappointing.
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