Future of PlayStation 4 is PS Now Sensor Tech and Project Morpheus Says Sony

Future of PlayStation 4 is PS Now, Sensor Tech and Project Morpheus, Says Sony

Lee Bradley

Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House has offered a glimpse at the future of the PlayStation 4, outlining three core areas that will change gaming in years to come.

Speaking during a session at the Develop Conference in Brighton, House said that the continued development of streaming technology like PlayStation Now, sensor tech like wearable fitness devices, and virtual reality tech like Project Morpheus could define PS4’s future.

"There are two or three potential directions that our industry and our form of entertainment could go," said House. "Our acquisition of Gaikai and our commitment to PlayStation Now is again very much in the spirit of looking at how the distribution method is going to shift over time.

"I've been paying attention to what's been happening to the music business and I think someone told me recently that the people involved in the music industry are maybe a fifth of what they were ten years ago. If you look at the stats on music streaming last year right now, last year was the first year that music downloads actually decreased year-on-year. It's only by six percent, but it's on the downturn. Streaming, meanwhile, is something like 30 percent up.

"No one can make perfect predictions about where these things trend, but it says to me that convenience of streaming has been embraced first in music, now in video and television, and it's going to play some role in our business as well. 

"Our goal, rather than have the future dictated to us is to try and be a pioneer, shaping the way it goes. That's what we're trying to do with PlayStation Now.

"We're also seeing a revolution in the development of sensor technology. Whether it's lifestyle fitness management or the trend for wearables, I think we're on the cusp right now of seeing a huge number of these different sets of technology get down to the physical size and low cost where they're going to be very ubiquitous. This could play some sort of role in a new generation of interactive experiences.

"Then the third one is virtual reality. There's just a sense that we have that the technology is again reaching that tipping point, it's on the cusp of being something that really delivers you true presence, of feeling like you're in another world.

"When that's delivered it's really magical and I think that how far, how large, how quickly that's going to become a major part of what we do remains to be seen, but we definitely think the magic of that experience leads you wanting to pursue it."

  • Well, shit.
  • Not with those PS Now beta prices it isnt.
  • As someone who has gamed since the Atari in the late 70's, I can say that neither the VR nor the sensor technology hold any interest to me. If that is truly the way of the future, I suspect a lot of the adult demographic who grew up gaming will be alienated. As it stands, the core interface between the gamer and the game, has not materially changed in 40 years. Games are prettier, we have analog movement and lots more buttons, but at the end of the day, it's still a pad with buttons and sticks. And it works pretty well, thank you very much.
  • no the future of PS4 needs to be getting bloody games on the system
  • And I could careless about all 3... not a good sign if that's the future..
  • Oh great, and if PS Now flops because of those terrible prices, then what?
  • PS Now is going to bomb. Big time. Those prices are an insta-kill, ultraaaaa combo! Morpheus has a lot of potential. But its going to be a good 5 years before it actually works like its supposed to. Sensor Tech is up in the air. Games hardly use it now (assuming they mean PS Move/Lightbar). I just hope they don't force us to use it.
  • Also, PS Now is a horrible idea because more people still have their PS3's and old games hooked up more than they do their PS4... The lack of quality titles and track record with PS Classics also sucks.
  • If that's their vision of Playstation's future, then it sure as hell isn't a future I'll share with Sony. I'll go retro all the way when things turn to crap like PS Now and streaming, corrupted free-to-play, digital download only and other annoying ways to siphon money from players without giving them something with substance.
  • morpheus wil fail.it cost sony a lot of money to create morpheus so it wil prob be sold for no les then 150 usd.that is way to mutch for somthing only 1 player can enjoy ad a time.people like the option of gameing togheter but vr wil put an end to that.also game divelpers need to adjust to morpheus so the games wil be more expensive to make and a lot of 3th party companys wil not suport it so there wil only be a few games availeble for it.look ad the vr boy by nintendo.same thing. if i was sony i woudent do a dem thing and keep doing what they are doing now.sell ps3 ps4 and ps vita and make games.nothing more. sorry for my bad english :D
  • Future of PS4 is PSNow? I foresee a slim version no bigger than a modem router just capable to receive and show a video stream.
  • As long as the games are still good, I don't care what they do.
  • there wont be a future for sony unless they sort out their controllers they're taking the piss with them constantly breaking we need to sort out a campaign on this site to get this sorted ASAP
  • I'm not sure I'm on board with Sony's vision of the future. I'm not opposed to change, but I feel like all three of these ideas are still in such a state of infancy that they're not focused on the here and now anymore. Their lack of exclusive titles only drives that point home for me more. This is all terribly reminiscent of ideas that repelled me from Microsoft and the Xbox One when the new console generation began, and now, ironically, they're the ones making good on the promises of providing classic gaming experiences in the manner that I believe the majority of us are interested in. At this point in my life, as far as gaming is concerned, I'm always going to gravitate away from gimmicks. That isn't because I'm close-minded, it's because they so rarely add something to games that improve them.
  • shove ps now up your hole aint interested in this gaikai balls whatsoever
  • I couldn't care less what devices they put out there for the system and quite frankly I will probably get a Morpheus just for the hell of it, seems like it might be kinda fun from time to time.. But as long as the real way to game stays front-line then I'm happy. Sitting at my desk with a controller or a Keyboard and Mouse is the it always has been and always should be, the rest is just addition to the set...
  • PS Now works really well, but they do need to lower prices a lil bit. I can go to my local video store and rent a game for a week for $4, so that's the max I'm willing to pay for a 7 day rental on there, and honestly it'd be nice if it were less since the game wont look as nice as playing it locally. The 30 day prices aren't that bad though, but the 90 days are too much and kinda pointless, why not just buy the damn game at that point? I have almost zero interest in VR, either Project Morpheus or Oculus Rift. Its just gimmicky to me. I just don't really see myself wanting to wear one of those damn things for hours while I play my games. And I just don't see how it can be financially viable at this time. It seems they'll either have to sell them at a big loss, or they will be priced so high that they wont be able to get the kind of market penetration they would need to encourage devs to invest in coding for them. "Wearables" like smart watches and shit seem completely pointless to me, and useless for gaming. And don't even get me started on fitness games. When are these companies going to realize that we want games to innovate in gameplay and story and such, not gimmicky things like Wearables and shit. We want to either stick the disk in or download the game, grab the controller and game. I admit VR COULD be good if they can manage the costs and make the devices comfortable and all that, but it still seems like it'll mostly be a gimmick.
  • I don't think the prices will be a problem anymore. For those that are speaking up on the internet and those, like me, who have the beta will do the survey and speak up there. Pricing is the reason why the PS3 failed at the beginning of the 7th gen. Pricing is one of the reasons why the Vita is failing. Pricing WILL be the reason why PS NOW will fail if this isn't rectified. Hopefully Sony will see this and change the pricing structure for the better.
  • VR IS A FUCKING FAD. I remember when they said 3D and Move were going to be huge. Look at them now. Abandoned like the fad they were. Entertainment industries are always looking for the next fad to get people to buy more product but at the end of the day the core of those industries never change. The future of PlayStation 4 should be happy gamers. Not some niche service. Sony is making some bad decisions.
  • @ Comment #3. Unless when we have gaming technology so advanced like in Sword Art Online, where you can move your whole body in a virtual world. Imagine your actually a soldier in an FPS or party up with other people to do a boss raid in a dungeon in a RPG but then again, it is gonna take at least another century to achieve that or even come close to that concept...But we have to start somewhere.
  • The future is the past
  • It's only options, guys.
  • Not interested in any of those 3. We just want new games! Sony and Microsoft both need to learn this.
  • This guy is going to keep making the same mistake over and over , it does not matter what Sony thinks is a good idea or the future , if developers don't like it , don't develop for it , or if developers think it's too expensive to develop for these devices will not go any where except really big whole in the ground and they will have flushed away a lot of money on something they think is a good idea . If you ask me , Sony should put all these projects on hold and focus on building a dedicated server farm for psn ps4 , and bringing more games to ps4 .
  • I dont care for any of that, should I just sell the console now?
  • If anyone really is upset about this just look at PS Move, a fun little thing to use but look at how many games are directed towards it. They are just trying to make it sound this way to make the sale better and easier. If they didn't have confidence in what they where trying to sell us how could they get anyone to buy it? Doesn't mean they are right.
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