Video Interview: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - "You Can't Make a New Borderlands Game Without Having More Guns," 2K Australia Assures

Video Interview: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - "You Can't Make a New Borderlands Game Without Having More Guns," 2K Australia Assures

Richard Walker

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel might seem like a stop-gap between Borderlands 2 and the inevitable full-fat next-gen sequel (it's gonna happen eventually), but developer 2K Australia is not only striving to make this a Borderlands title that's the biggest yet, but it's also adding even more guns to the bazillion already available.

Shoot and loot will be the name of the game once more then, albeit on the moon for the majority of the game's campaign. That means in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel you'll be battling lunatics, scavs and kraggons in three-dimensions; all around you and above you. Mad!

We discussed all of this and loads more with Gearbox Producer James Lopez and 2K Australia Producer Joel Eschler, as well as the Ice Cream (or should that be 'I Scream'?) weapon and the dynamics of reduced gravity. And more! MORE MORE! Just watch the vid, then read our Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel hands-on preview here.

  • This game is shaping up to be super sweet, roll on October :).
  • i don't is adding more reskined guns a selling point?
  • Not interested, would of probably bought it if it was on ps4, trying not to buy anymore games for ps3 now as I'm trying to switch over just to ps4, why would i want to buy another game on ps3 with a years worth of DLC that will keep me on ps3 longer than i want to be.
  • Can someone remind me, what is the reason this is not coming out on current gen? "Not enough people own current gen", something like that?
  • @4: You've got it in one, there aren't enough PS4/XB1 owners in the world to justify porting this over. Wether you like it or not, that is the reason.
  • Thx, I thought that's what they said. It's interesting. Plenty of other games are coming out on both gens. Nobody asked me but I will be skipping this even though BL2 is just about my favorite game. I hope that this is great for those that do play it. It does make me a little sad but whatever, it's my choice. I don't want to be on my PS3 anymore except for Netfix for my kids.
  • #2 is pretty right on about that. I don't see why they always use that as the selling point.
  • @2: It isn't. All it means it that there are now even more possibilities to find crap guns to sell and it's now rarer to find guns that are actually an improvement over what you're carrying. That was a huge problem in Borderlands 2. "This gun is worse, this gun is worse, this gun is worse, this gun is worse, this gun is worse, this gun is worse, this gun is worse, this gun is worse... So glad they added so many more gun reskins."
  • @5: That's not the reason. If that's the reason, why is everyone else doing it and not complaining after the fact that nobody bought it and it wasn't worth the money? Why are so many publishers also going out of their way to re-release games for 8th gen (Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Metro, GTA V)? @4: The reason is because 2K is lazy. Nothing more.
  • @9: You would have to ask them that, I can only go by what the press releases say.
  • I haven't been too impressed with the game or their decision to stick to last gen. Maybe they'll port to current gen if it sells well enough but if trends are anything to go by, I'll just wait until it's released on the PS+ IGC.
  • This is literally just Borderlands 2 with 4 new characters and zero gravity. Why on Earth would you pay full price for this?
  • @12: The prices shouldn't be fixed yet so hopefully the prices some sites are listing will come down nearer launch :).
  • They better have a larger storage space for those new bazillion guns players will be keeping.
  • Well looks like I will be waiting as usual for the GoTY edition to come out which is next year :)
  • I thought you couldn't have a Borderlands game without siphoning money from other projects. @9 how are the other guys not worst then Gearbox? If they had any decency they'd be releasing their games just for the Xbox One and PS4. Those PS3/360 editions are just cheap ports to make sure they can boost their sales. Gearbox is selling an expansion expansion for Borderlands 2 here but at this point it could be big enough to warrent charging at least £20/$40. This is Gearbox so chances are it won't and they'll charge normal price but who knows maybe Gearbox want us to like them again.
  • The majority of this game is being made by 2K Australia as it was their idea, Gearbox is just helping from the sidelines with certain things. Also, they're only giving us what people have been asking for i.e a trip to the moon and a chance to visit the Space station.
  • I wish it was on the ps4 but i will buy it for the 3 cuss its a great series the reason they gave for only on the 3 is true but lame as hell all they are really doing is selling us all the 3 version and then selling us a hd 4 version later alot of fans will buy it twice that way and they know it i will be one cuss like i said i am a big fan of the series
  • Cant believe the amount of people complaining about developers still making most of their games on the last gen (ps3). The same thing that happened when the ps3 came out is happening now. It took a while for everyone to move to the the next generation, for some franchises it was 2 or 3 years. What's the point in developers on making ps4 games when a much larger group of people still only have the ps3? Also, the technology is still quite new. It'll take a little while for developers to understand the console better so they can use all its potential. GTA 5 id probably the most technically impressive game on the last gen because Rockstar had squeezed as much power out of the consoles as possible and the result is a very impressive game, despite the multiplayer bugs. Compare that to games released in 2007 or 2008 which were not much more of an improvement over ps2 games, and the difference is staggering. Just give it time, the games we already have on the ps4 are already a big step up, and they're only going yo get better
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