Sleeping Dogs HD Coming to PS4 & Xbox One

Lee Bradley

Sleeping Dogs HD is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, complete with bundled downloadable content.

The enhanced re-issue first came to our attention when it popped up in a ShopTo listing late last week (cheers Stuart), but the release has since been confirmed by a reliable source.

ShopTo listed Sleeping Dogs HD for £54.99 and a November 21st release. The listing has now been pulled down.

We spoke to a representative of ShopTo who sidestepped our request to confirm the legitimacy of the listing, however a reliable source has since confirmed to us that the next-gen reissue is “very real.”

The source added that Sleeping Dogs HD is expected to contain some of the original game’s DLC, but some cosmetic DLC packs may be held back.

Sleeping Dogs hit PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012, picking up a bunch of positive reviews in the process. Our own Richard Walker called it "a fantastic example of an open-world game done exceedingly well."

We’ve contacted Square Enix for official confirmation of the re-release.

  • Played this game on its original release. It was a very good sleeper hit (pun intended). But i will pass on this i have no intention of replaying this and especially not for that price. I'm a fan of these re releases (Last of Us, GTA and Metro Redux will all be mine) but not this.
  • Remind me Sony why did I buy a ps4?
  • So the next gen release of the game gets all DLC with it, Meanwhile no Game of year edition or anything of that sort for last gen....
  • This was hinted at some time ago. No shocker.
  • Not another HD re release......NEW GAMES we want fucking NEW GAMES :( This must be the worst state ever for a so called new gen when the developers think they can just stroke us with lazy HD ports of games not that old.
  • Cue incessant whining from fans about old games being remastered for next gen. Seriously get over it already, you're acting like studios are delaying next gen games in order to port over old titles, which clearly isn't the case.
  • They have started on new Next gen Sleeping dogs. They just want more people to play it, aka more Money.
  • Looks like this gen is just going to be HD remakes of old HD games.
  • I think they are just porting over stuff so they can keep us someehat entertained while they make to seem all bad ass games come out in 2015. Lol
  • Glad I haven't bought a PS4 yet. By the time I do, all the games I've wanted will be cheaper, and there'll be more (non) ported games
  • @7 I know, right? Not like anyone's forcing them to play it. @10 That's what I'm thinking.
  • Wow getting tired of all these OLD games getting re-released for PS4. Please start making some PS4 games, I didnt spend £350 on a PS4 to play PS3 games :/ For the 1st time ever starting to think maybe getting a XboxOne would have been a better choice. (at least Xbox have a few more next gen exclusives)
  • I don't mind the re releases as there's so many good new games coming out. This seems like an odd one though. I liked the game. That's a bad date for it though. Why is it called HD? Wasn't it already?
  • Full retail price?! You fuckin' crazy SE. lol
  • @3 This has nothing to do with Sony or MSFT, they don't care they'll take whatever games the publishers give them, nothing to lose for them.
  • This is getting out of hand SMH.
  • I'm hoping to hear news soon of Killzone : Shadow Fall HD Extreme rerelease for the PS4. But seriously, doesn't bother me too much - haven't gotten a 4 yet. My backlog is slowly winding down. Of course, I'm only half done with Skyrim, and I still have the ME Trilogy (among others) on my plate, so....I'm good for a while still.
  • One game I will buy, the main reason I didn't like it was because PS3 got a really bad version.
  • Starting to become straight up bullshit.. no real AAA games for PS4 this year except more and more ports. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they'll probably re-re-re-re-release Jak, Ratchet, and Sly for PS5...oh and don't forget any game that actually sold great enough to mooch off of for the next 10 years.
  • Damn u're gonna force me to purchase a PS4 before I'm ready if you keep pumping PS3 releases to the PS4 library....thus clearing out my backlog.
  • Some of you guys probably weren't there when the PS3 was out, but the PS4 launch today was so much better than the PS3's launch. Why does this small announcement affecting you? So what Square Enix is making a HD version of the game for PS4. They are already in works with a sequel. It's either they don't release the HD game or they do. Either way it wont change anything but the fact that there's one less game for the next generation. Do you think the PS3 and 360 had 20 triple A titles in the second year of their release? Plus, the PS4 has gathered many new fans, I bet most of the next generation console owners never played Sleeping Dogs, so this will be good for them. Kinda like how some Xbox owners bought a PS4 as their first Playstation system and hype seem pretty hype for the Last of Us remake. It doesn't take until more than 2 years until the generation is up and running with great games, the next generation hasn't even made it to 2 years yet. Give it time.
  • Never played this game on last gen so can anyone recommend it? worth it or not?
  • It's great, I got it with Xbox360s Games with Gold.
  • really enjoyed this game back on 360 but never played any of the dlc. if its priced right in NA then I would consider a ps4 pickup.
  • yeah i agree stop the whining, this is really cool since we get more games and we get more options, this re-releases does not mean that devs are not working on new titles, and no one will force you to buy it or play it if you dont want it, so cut the crap NOW. For me they can port ALL PS3 games library over the new gen
  • Christ, people are acting like Square Enix as a whole has to drop everything to put out a Sleeping Dogs port, as if they don't have multiple teams working on different things.
  • I don't get some people whining about the whining.....irony ehh? But hands up who bought into this new gen (PS4/Xbone)to play ever so slightly prettier versions of games barely out of nappies on the previous gen? Welcome to the new gen where developers only want quick cheap cashin's and port last gen titles to the so called next gen machines with the bare minimum effort put in.(including the majority of cross platform titles where it seems they upscale rather than port down from the better machines) Re release classic titles with fancy graphics and what have you by all means but for fuck sake make sure they been out a few years not like last of us,GTA V ect,ect.....and make them cheaper like a new HD or Classic range, not full whack for stuff any decent game fan already has in their collection.
  • An interesting choice not the most popular game but a great game. I only recently played this on the ps3 so won't be buying this straight away but might get it in couple of years or if it's discounted on the ps store. I don't mind re releases more games the better at this time as the lack of big games coming to the ps4 are a good time filler till the next big game. I haven't played every game that came out for the ps3 I.e tomb raider and I didn't play gta5 in depth so I will be getting that on ps4. So people don't whine just don't buy them.
  • The optimist: "Great game for those who haven't played it yet." The pessimist: "Boy I can't wait for PS5 so I can finally play some PS4 games."
  • Loved Sleeping Dogs on PS3 and would be interested in checking out a PS4 version, but at no more than $20 - $30.
  • I loved Sleeping Dogs and will be picking this up the day I buy my PS4.
  • I wonder if the "HD" version will be limited to 900p this time so they can re-release it again as a "Full HD" version later on. "Definite" Edition is already stupid - but "HD"?! And charging full retail price for the exact same version which is easily found for 5 bucks? You know, the other x86-compatible version - the PC one. Former PS3 exclusive remakes are somewhat understandable, but this is a pure money grab. Next year all those game will be rebranded as "Best from PS3" or something to get a new price hike. I'm taking bets on this one.
  • I have a solution for this. Don't buy these ports.
  • Can't believe people complained that the PS4 can't play PS3 games yet when some of those games are remasteredupgrade in HD they still complain there's always the option of not buying the PS4 version
  • You can't throw "HD" on there when the game was already HD. See, it made more sense to re-release some PS2 games on the PS3 in HD, but this is ridiculous, especially considering this game only came out like 2 years ago.
  • Wow, such vim and vigour from the other comments. I enjoyed sleeping dogs on the ps3, played it to death. I won't be buying this one but I did buy the tomb raider as I missed out on the last gen consoles. Nobody seemed to complain with the ps2 ports.
  • Oh for fuck's sake! This is getting ridiculous now. This game is both too old for anyone to have been wanting an 8th gen port and too young for anyone who still wants to play it to have any trouble getting a copy. There is absolutely no justification or excuse for this, this is just shameless milking. And at full fucking price. What a disgusting, greedy move by Square Enix. Hopefully gamers do the right thing for once and don't buy this. (not saying anything negative against the game BTW. just the business practice on display)
  • @Comment #36 by Jay_Cash exactly if this is an hd remake what the hell was the game i played first time round? @Comment #35 by Alfster You're clutchin at straws using weak a argument, some people wanted backward compatibility to play their already bought discs/downloaded ps3 games....not having to go and rebuy them all again and line the pockets a 2nd time of a greedy developer.....or subscribe to ps now to play them. You totally missed the point. Oh while we at it what type of argument is "you don't have to buy it" anyway ? the weakest argument type ever.
  • STAHP. STAHP!!!!!!! Says the guy that just bought Tomb Raider Definituve Edition.
  • In my opinion, ports aren't going away any time soon, so I got myself used to the fact that it's going to happen. I no longer waste time worrying and complaining about it, and I have more time for playing games. Porting has been happening for years already, and it's very likely to continue it's pace, or even pick up steam. If I don't want to buy the game on PS4, I don't need to. No skin of my back.
  • i really dont get what is the problem that people have with Indies and games making the jump from last gen to new gen, we have more options to play, and is not like devs will stop making new games
  • Square Enix has so little confidence in what they are currently working on that they are going to start porting all there old titles . After completely ruining thief , they don't think the next gen games are going to sell , but they know there old titles sold a little bit and it's cheaper to port them . EA and Square Enix are the worst publisher/ developer companies right now and showing no signs of improving .
  • @39 who said I was arguing? Just pointing out the truth which is what you figured out and yes there is an option don't buy it
  • Oh yeah...another chance to catch the yellow fever!
  • @42: Problem with indies: That's not what most have bought a 400 - 500 dollar console for. Even less so if the games run perfectly fine on a modern toaster. Problem with "Defintive-HD-Ultimate-Full-Sparkle-Mode"-Releases: They're the exact same game only with better graphics. If there is a PC version out, it's the very same game with slight porting. There is nothing remade about them like with the PS2 remakes - you often just need to tweak some engine settings and use the less compressed exact same textures you already have. And then they come with an increased price tag. In case of TLOU and GTA V those versions were not already underway when the games were originally released*. The sold the game knowingly that a better version will be available as soon as the original goes budget. And they charge full price again. * I'm also pretty sure for those two there were definite "No next gen"-statements to ensure customers buy the lesser version now instead of holding off. This a blatantly cow-milking stance which rapidly spreads across the whole industry and it's disgusting. We are not normal customers - we are fans. But even the biggest fan needs some good points why he should buy the same thing over and over and over again while being treated like arse.
  • Give us new games instead of these ps3 ports!
  • ugh this shit seriously needs to stop. we don't need to port these games that have comes out the past couple years, just go play it on last gen if people want to replay, or play for the first time. We need new games...not HD shit
  • Why all the ports? Isn't PlayStation Now going to take care of that? I didn't buy a PS4 for games I've already played.
  • sleeping dogs HD as if it was not HD before sigh
  • Since I don't actually 'own' it, just platinumed it from ps+, I might contemplate picking this up.
  • I'll probably get this from Gamefly, wasn't terribly impressed with the game on PS3. It was ok really, but it just never grabbed my attention. There are other games I'd much rather see get next gen ports than this. And for everyone bitching about these ports, just STFU. Just because these are being made doesn't mean that they aren't working on new games, in fact, the reason they are making these is so they can earn some easy profits off the new systems while they are working on new games. Personally, I'm glad they are doing these ports, not only because there are many games from last gen I'd love to play again with enhanced graphics and frame rates and all that, but also because it means developers are actually taking the time to make the new games take advantage of the new systems rather than rushing shit out. As I and others have said before, you don't like the ports then don't buy them, It really is that fucking simple.
  • @3, go buy an xbox one then... They're doing the same in that camp, so don't blame Sony.
  • @Comment #44 by Alfster Just pointing out the truth? Where was that as all i could see was a possible fan of a game defending a companies utter contempt for a 2nd time in 6 months re hashing games barely out of nappies on the previous gen consoles. And you still missed the your first statement's point by some way off yet you recon you spoke the truth? Usually i think your posts are spot on but your clutching at straws with your willingness to defend laziness from game developers. Suppose your all in favour when they re re release these titles again with 4k support?
  • After playing Watch Dogs I would gladly play Sleeping Dogs again to remind myself what a good sandbox game is.
  • Loved Sleeping Dogs, so I'm glad it has a new chance of making more money > sequel-squeal!
  • I liked Sleeping Dogs. To anyone who hasn't played it, think GTA Hong Kong with a solid martial arts melee system. Not worthy of a "HD" remake in my opinion, but it will interesting to see the quality comparisons between the two current systems. I played it to death on the 360, the frame rate was pretty ordinary the majority of the time.
  • LOL i knew all these shit would be coming HD HD HD remakes and such when PS4 hits. Srsly now. make some real next gen games as if all those indie crap isnt enough.
  • This was a really good game, sad most people didn't play it. I'm 100% sure it will be our free PS+ game the month it releases. Much like Kingdom Hearts there is a story the creators want everyone to experience before the sequel comes out. And remembering a story from this very site there are a shit ton of ppl that haven't played Anything last gen, this game is a good example of how fun last gen was.
  • Why they call Sleeping Dogs HD ??? o_O The PS3 version was in HD ( all PS3 game are in HD ),so why they call HD ?? Im waiting for a new IP and new game only for PS4 and them give me old game ?? O_O Now what's next ? Resident Evil 6 HD ? Silent Hill collection HD in HD ? Borederlands HD ? this is stupid things to do,you can't re-release a game from PS3 to PS4 for 54$.. Start to make serious your job on PS4 with a new game !
  • @54 Who said I was defending buying the game. I won't be buying the game as I finished the game on PS3. I rather see new games for the PS4 then play a full HD port of a PS3 games to PS4. Can you lend me money to buy a 4K tv those are expensive. Dam gaming on a 4K tv sweet but new games only no ports.
  • I played this until I needed a new PS3 and couldn't export my saves. Stupid over-protected saves.
  • I really enjoyed this game, great story and entertaining. I don't think I'll run a grab the HD version as I beat the original version not too long ago. But, if the good DLCs are included, I would definitely pick it up when it hits the $20 bin at Gamestop. To comment on the HD rehashing. I'm in the middle. On one hand, I want to see some new games or redo some classic sleepers (Onimusha anyone). On the other hand, I agree that we're not forced to buy the remakes and what @10 said, the remakes are here to hold us until 2015 when the goodies we are dying for will show up.
  • Finished Sleeping Dogs on the PS3 and enjoyed it, being I've been on the GTA train since its first appearance on the venerable PS1. I haven't gotten me a PS4 yet, mainly because there's no "gotta have it" games out there yet tho' the recent videos showcasing how GTA5 will look on the PS4 is making me itchy to get one soon. As far as Sleeping Dogs getting ported over to the PS4, I say go for it. If it gives SE a bunch of $$ for the development of Sleeping Dogs 2, then I'm all for it hehe!
  • I agree that the developers need to focus on new games for next and stop porting old ones because the other developers that aren't doing it now are going to start doing the same.
  • Tell you what. I would buy vice city and San Andreas hd in a second
  • I love HD remakes and collections. And, I love this game. But I just can't understand doing this. I rather see games that either can make great use of it and get a new level of polish, iron out kinks, etc., like PS2 era games... or games that are truly beautiful shine that much brighter with more power under the hood, like The Last of Us - more so when such a talented team is behind it. But games like this are just a waste. Sleeping Dogs played and looked fine... GTAV was alright... but neither should be re-released to look slightly better where so many other games could benefit that much more.
  • This game is so underrated, easily one of the best game I've played that year. I personally love the storyline, I prefer having this over GTAV. I know they're currently making Triad Wars but this is perfect before we get our hands on that... So Please bring this out. Also Lee Bradley did you managed to get more information regarding if this is actually really coming out or just Shopto making a mistake? If so any Release dates? (Day one purchase for me)
  • @67 Personally I thought it looked fine on PS3/360 until I saw how good the PC version looked and, sadly, that killed any interest I had in the game. Same happened with Skyrim. They seemed like games that were graphically castrated because they had to be released on old hardware. Have totally forgotten about the game until rumors of a remaster surfaced. Will definitely pick it up this time around.
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