Star Wars 1313 Concept Art Shows Coruscant, Hoth and Tatooine

Lee Bradley

Here's some more reminders of just how awesome Star Wars 1313 could have been, courtesy of Brazilian artist Bruno Werneck.

In the images below, you'll see concept art of various areas from the cancelled game, including various levels of Coruscant, a Hoth planet train station and a Tatooine shanty town, made out of decomissioned spaceship parts. It's the second batch of concept art to be released from Star Wars 1313. The first batch came from senior concept designer Gustavo Mendonca, focusing on characters and locations Boba Fett.

Star Wars 1313 was cancelled last year, following Disney's aquisition of LucasFilm and subsequent closure of the company's game arm, LucasArts. The mouse has blood on his hands.

[Via CVG]

Lowest level underground Coruscant

Underground Coruscant, residential area next to support beams

Red light district underground Coruscant

Entrance to underground Coruscant, as seen on the cinematic

Hoth planet train station

Tatooine shanty town, made out of decomissioned spaceship parts

  • What a badly wasted investment. This game could have really been great. Sad to see it canned!
  • Probably another Force Unleashed type game, but at least it looks just as interesting. Too bad though, might have picked it up
  • Fuck you Disney, fuck you...
  • Beautiful. I was really looking forward to this game. The only upcoming confirmed Star Wars game is the new Battlefront, however I'd highly prefer something close to 1313 or hell even a Force Unleashed 3.
  • @5 and the Visceral game, though it hasn't been anounced what it is yet we know it's coming.I still hope it's 1313 related (though it proabably isn't).
  • Stop showing us these, Lucasarts! All you do is make us want it more! Plus, it would have been rendered non-canon, now.
  • *Dies a little inside*
  • Here's a delicious cookie you are never going to get to eat..... Disney needs to either revive this game and hand it to an EA dev (since they have the SW contract) or stop releasing such awesome info about a game they cancelled.
  • i have no idea what this game was supposed to be.... but pretty.....
  • @5 You are 5. You can't @ yourself. Did you mean @4? Pretty looking concepts. The game may be dead, but they may still use the concept art for a different game.
  • @6 I honestly don't give a rat's ass if it would have been non-canon. A good game is a good game.
  • Everyone needs to stop showing screenshots of a game that had me super excited and then just rolled over and died on us... *cries* =(
  • We probably get just a crappy movie tie-in next year instead of this , this looked as the most interesting SW game by far in a very long time.
  • The more I see, the more I weep.
  • This and Darth Maul game that was canned (just read about it in GI) had means to stand out form the crowd.. Too bad they will never see the light of day, but I bet studios that worked on them, or at least devs themselves will be able to come up with something else that will have same ideas and similar gameplay=)
  • Kickstarter for a Star Wars game now owned by Disney? ...
  • Ugh! I was so stoked for this game when it was first announced. It was a shame to see it go.
  • shame on disney… concept art looks great!
  • Not to be rude but, why make an article to encourage rage and trolling? I will miss what could have been.
  • #17 - not only Disney but EA to cause it would be a video game which EA covers, two big companies coming for you cause of a Kickstarter game, I'd like to see who has the balls xD haha
  • You'd have to assume the Disney takeover had something to do with this. Off the back of Lucasarts saying all games and EU are now non-canon, my money is on Disney not wanting to muddy the waters or steal the thunder of Ep 7. Shame, this looked bloody good.
  • Neat artwork. Kinda reminds me of Prey 2 artwork.
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