Just Cause 3 Domain Registered by Square Enix

Lee Bradley

A domain for Just Cause 3 has been registered by Square Enix. Found by internet sleuth Superannuation, the registration adds more weight to months of reports and rumours.

In February 2013, Avalanche Studio CEO Christopher Sundberg posted a teaser image on Instagram, which looked hugely reminiscent of the the open world action series. It followed the revelation on Sundberg’s Linked profile that said Avalanche was working on two open-world titles for the next-gen, the other believed to be Mad Max.

It is widely believed that Just Cause 3 will be officially revealed at E3 2014 in June this year. All eyes will be on Los Angeles.


  • Great news. Just Cause 2 was a masterpiece.
  • Awesome, I kinda like Just cause 2, but I always thought that game and Mercenaries 2 were the same exact game almost. It wasn't the best game as you guys who played it before know what I mean, but it does offer something that most open world games don't have so this may be interesting to see how much it has changed for the next gen consoles. Also I'm waiting for Mercenaries 3 too
  • Love just cause, mindless fun that is pick up and play. And yes to mercenaries 3 I'd love to see that as well.
  • I enjoyed Just Cause 2. The plot and characters were appalling and it was far too quick to finish, but messing around stapling soldiers to all sorts of moving objects was a whole lotta fun.
  • I always wanted to play Just Cause 2 but still haven't gotten around to it, I'll be looking out for this with a keen eye.
  • Awyeah! But as great as Jc2 was, hopefully it won't be as repetitive and more detailed world would be great. It was pretty much the same everywhere you went.
  • Yes ! Really hyped for this ! :)
  • Been waiting for this since I finished Just Cause 2. So over the top and bundles of fun. Next Gen should make this game look stunning.
  • NICE! Hope its for the ps4!
  • What do they mean June, doesn't E3 always take place in early May?
  • @9 same here :) looked good on the ps3, imagine ps4 power!!
  • @1 Just Cause 2 wasn't a masterpiece think you've overshot it there it was good but not a masterpiece it could of been better, like factions could of been better as in when they take over areas they actually protected them and villagers took up arms maybe there was lots more that game could of promised in my opinion
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