Apache: Air Assault Swooping in This Autumn

Richard Walker

Activision has announced helicopter combat game, Apache: Air Assault is under development at Gaijin Entertainment, the folks behind IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey.

No strangers to the flight sim, Apache: Air Assault will nonetheless be the first crack at the helicopter sim for the developer, and will include a variety of different Apache attack choppers armed to the teeth with cutting-edge military weaponry.

The aim? Why, to prevent eeeevil terrorists from blowing up the world or something, of course. During your mission, you'll fly through the world's most volatile warzones - created using real-world satellite data - and stop the world from being destroyed by blowing up anything that moves on the ground below. Two wrongs do make a right, apparently.

Apache: Air Assault will feature more than 16 multi-stage missions with both air and ground strikes in locations like the African coast, the mountainous regions of the Middle East and the lush jungles of Central America, where you'll be able to bomb nature into submission.

"No games on next-gen consoles have been dedicated to helicopter combat simulation, but that is about to change this autumn", said Activision's David Oxford. "Apache: Air Assault offers fun for diehard military enthusiasts and flight sim fans as well as gamers who just want to blow stuff up."

Different modes will enable players to tailor their own Apache experience, with Arcade Mode offering pick-up-and-play controls and instant thrills, whereas Realistic Mode gives you the full-fat helicopter sim fun with added depth, and well, extra realism. Obviously. 

"Extreme firepower" and full, detailed damage modelling will also feature as will co-op campaign options, which let one player pilot the helicopter, while the other sits in the co-pilot seat, where he or she can criticise the other's flying skill (or lack thereof) and argue about directions.

There will also be competitive online multiplayer modes in the shape of Team Deathmatch, Ground Attack, Capture the LZ and Ground Strike.

Apache: Air Assault is due to take off in autumn 2010.

  • idk what to think about this.... wont be getting it though.
  • No screens or video = Not interested. Sounds like it'll just be a counterpart to the likes of HAWX for the helicopter people... but not nearly as good.
  • Closest thing to we'll ever come to another Strike gamr, I guess.
  • If you can onloy fly the Apache, I'm not interested. If there are the Hind and the Tiger, why not ^^
  • Gaijin Entertainment are brilliant at the flight sims. Wish they were developing another aircraft sim set in the pacific or something...no-one wants bloody helicopter sims... I'll wait till I see some images/videos. Could be quite good, but if they're making this instead of a flight sim, and it turns out to be shit, I shall be properly pissed off.
  • Images here btw: http://uk.gamespot.com/ps3/sim/apacheairassault/images/6269153/4/?tag=thumbs_below%3Bthumb%3B4 Yeah...it better have some bloody excellent gaameplay.
  • Pretty nostalgic for me. I liked flying everything from Chopper Command to Gunship.
  • @#6 thank you for the images Won't get this.. the screenshots are scary enough...
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