Borderlands 2 PS Vita and Bundle Dated For May

Richard Walker

Borderland 2 will be bringing its own brand of shoot 'n' loot to PS Vita this May, care of developer Iron Galaxy. Both the game and a PS Vita console bundle will be hitting stores next month.

On PS Vita, Borderlands 2 will feature cross-save, meaning you can pick up where you left off on PS3. So, if you've got a level 53 Assassin like we have, you'll be able to keep him going on Vita. It also includes all six of the game's add-on packs (Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, the Psycho and Mechromancer Character Classes, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1 and Collector’s Edition pack). Nice.

The Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Vita bundle is scheduled for release on May 6th for $199.99 and comes with a black Vita, 8GB memory card and the game. The digital and retail release of Borderlands 2 for PS Vita is May 13th.

[Via PS Blog]

  • sweeeeeet. might actually break down and buy a vita lol
  • In the article you say it comes with all six main game add ons, but the trailer says it comes with the first 2 mission based ones, the 2 character packs, the first vault hunter upgrade pack and the special edition pack. Alsoo does it come with the Vita slim, or the regular phat one?
  • #3 It's the new slim one.
  • Have they sorted out the frame rate/lag and long loading times though?
  • Shame there's no Dragon Keep addon, that's the dealbreaker for me for getting borderlands Vita. I'm sure(my guess) most people who said they wanted a Borderlands Vita wanted a unique Borderlands entry, and not a port of 2. I feel a golden opportunity was missed ;( oh well.
  • Hmm i thought this going to be a new Borderlands game, not a port. Will wait for PS+.
  • I'm just gonna assume the other dlc add-ons are gonna be cross-buy
  • I hope it turns out to be a good port, and I also hope that they work on optimizing the game more. Higher resolution guns would also be great.
  • @8 They're not even sure if they're going to bring the other DLC to this version at this point. They're waiting to see how it does first before porting anything else.
  • Shame the bundled PS Vita will be the crappy new one with no OLED. I should have just jumped in when the Tearaway bundle was £150 at Amazon and just borrowed the money of someone till I got paid, instead of waiting for the £50 gift certificate to be authorized by topcashback, to make up what I was missing.
  • Looks good
  • It will have a separated trophies list than PS3 version, so tempted.
  • I have mixed feelings about this. I would love to play this on my vita but at the same time I find no point in buying the game again just to play a port. Why can't Sony get blockbuster titles that are exclusive to the vita and leave it that way? Everything seems to be a port or indie & retro game these days.
  • @3 - Yep. I got it wrong. Have fixed the article. Thanks for pointing it out.
  • have the 3DSXL for a handheld . so is the vita worth getting ?
  • I think they have left it too long to release this game.. It's cross save as well so as I can use my PS3 save on Vita, does that mean all trophies will pop when I load it up or do I have to start all over again?
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