EA Cooks Up A Couple More Madden 11 AFC Vids

Dan Webb

It's July and that can only mean one thing. It's time for EA Sports to throw Madden NFL assets at us until our fingers drop off. So, yeah, thanks for that in advance EA.

Last week we brought you more than a few Madden 11 AFC East and West trailers and screens, this week we turn our attention to the AFC North and South. So that means we say goodbye to the Miami Dolphins, the Oakland Raiders and co., and a big hello to the Indianapolis Colts, the Pittsburgh Steelers, et cetera.

Happy days... I think... Who am I kidding, I know nothing about American Football, but hey, I'm just the messenger!

Don't forget to check out the 46 new AFC North and South screens here.

  • looks pretty cool, altrough I don't think I'll buy it... coz I tryed the NFL 10 demo and after my first match I still didn't know which team I was playing... too bad we don't have this sport here, its so awesome!
  • I bet there will be $50 of DLC the same day it is released.
  • meh same old sports games need a serious overhaul its getting ridiculus now
  • 2011 SKINS & RAVENS rewl! GO DC/BWI!
  • Fuck Madden. Monopolized the NFLPA contract and now we have to suffer for it...
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