Rambo: The Video Game Gets a February Launch Date in Europe

Richard Walker

Teyon's Rambo: The Video Game has been given a February launch date in Europe, meaning you'll be able to don the iconic headband, take your shirt off and go 'AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!' while spraying bullets from your machine gun, in just a few weeks time. There's DLC in the works too.

"We are delighted to announce the final EU release date for Rambo: The Video Game and although the main game is now complete our journey with Rambo continues as we will soon start development on the game’s first DLC expansion pack with our partners at Teyon," publisher Reef Entertainment declared in a press release.

Rambo: The Video Game might just be the greatest thing that mankind has ever created. We'll know for sure when the game heads to Europe on February 21st for PlayStation 3. A date for North America and other regions beyond 'Q1 2014' has yet to be confirmed. Watch the trailer from earlier this month below.

  • I just can't believe they're releasing it with those character models. I might rent/loan this just for the lolz.
  • It could be a great game. Or it could be a total failure. We just have to wait and see...
  • GOTY
  • Game of a generation?
  • I just can't wait to not buy this game!
  • or most likely just POO, but you never know
  • This could be one of those so bad that it's good games! RATATATATATATA!
  • This looks incredibly bad.
  • Yay! Pre ordered for the for the figure. Hope my move sharpshooter c as n handle it B-)
  • Release date is February 21... so why does it feel so much like Christmas
  • You guys across the pond can keep this poop over there. Thanks.
  • They are working on DLC as well? Wow.
  • @4: No need for the question mark. It's definitely the game of the generation which cared about Rambo :P ... which was like 20+ years ago.
  • Day 1 purchase just for that 80's hair. Epic win.
  • Even in 1080p it looks like a PS2 game lol. As amazing as the rambo movies are, i will wait till i can pick this up for £10
  • i think i will try this game,i like to to give a chances to be honest.. 1 game more or less doesn't change..
  • Graphically this looks average but the gameplay may be good so I'll try a demo if there is one :).
  • Somehow glad we finaly see a Rambo game, back then with the Rambo II and Rambo III movies, somehow i Always wished there was a game where i could replay all those great moments from both movies, now years later there is finaly just that game, but not sure if it still would have that impact on gamers, def on gamers that grew up with the movies then. But def willing to give the game a go and see for myself if it brings me back in time :)
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