This Rambo: The Video Game Trailer Will Change the World

Richard Walker

Rambo: The Video Game will be launching for PlayStation 3 soon, and promises the most authentic John Rambo experience ever created. Thus, developer Teyon has been working hard to cram action from First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III into one blood-soaked FPS.

Featuring the original soundtrack and original on-set vocal recordings, Rambo: The Video Game looks like it'll be a cerebral affair in which you stab bad guys in the throat and stand in one place firing a machine gun until the trigger goes 'click'.

Rambo: The Video Game also stars a dodgy Sylvester Stallone waxwork and will be coming in Q1 2014, with pre-orders bagging exclusive hand-painted figurines, depicted at the end of the new 'Machine of War' trailer below. Check it out.

  • The environments actually look pretty nice and fairly well rendered, so why do the characters look painfully bad?
  • The PS trophies staff is having a good ole time with this one!
  • From the trailer, this looks to be GOTY for sure lol.
  • What in the world is going on with that enemy sound? Is that from a generic soundpack or something? He muffled him to no effect!
  • I thought they stopped making games for the PS2 last year.
  • RAMBO - based on a true story
  • Rambo - making long-haired white guys cool again. Sort of.
  • Rambo(Stallone) should voice Rambo otherwise this will be terrible
  • This is actually going retail? Lol.
  • I didn't think it was possible, but this trailer gives me a new appreciation for Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • this game is so badass. in 2001.
  • This is the greatest PSP game EVER!!!!.... wait, what do you mean, this is for PS3?
  • Lol, so buying this. I want that bobblehead.
  • Well in graphics and sounds... yeah looks like PS2 but in any case i want know the gameplay, if works good but if is broken, well sucks But in any case i think i'll buy it the game without matter how good or bad will be, just for do one silly thing: put the PS Move in the Sharp shooter and start shooting ala Rambo (also i want that bubblehead, looks funny!)
  • FPS, i won't buy it, too bad
  • The only good thing about this trailer is the music, damn this looks terrible.
  • yuck
  • look like someone took the world look from a ps2 or ps3 and smash it together with characters from ps1
  • It might just be the quality of the video, but that looked horrible.
  • Solid campy title?
  • Is this on rails?
  • I was optimistic about this game until I saw this video.
  • Looks...expendable.
  • How come that RAMBO is so bad ass, that in this trailer he doesn't say a single damn word? Where the hell is Sly?
  • oh man, what a dumb shooter ... but ... oh wait ...
  • this is laughable. looks like a rail shooter for sure.
  • Did they intentionally make his head look funny? I must play this.
  • Rambo: The Video Game. Made with potato-engine 3. The newest innovation in technology.
  • This may have been acceptable for Playstation 2 2004. But PS3 for 2014? It looks so bad. Animation, character models. And having the original score isn't a good thing. It was s**t back then :D
  • HAHAHA big head stallone, hahaha
  • my eyes hurt!!.. what did I just watch! . . oh well let's just hope that mad max will not have the same quality..
  • "Potato-engine 3". LOL
  • I better go pre-order this before it's all gone.
  • It's coming for everything but the WiiU? The only console it should be on.
  • At one point i was hoping for a great and decend Rambo game, and somehow if they made this in 3th person view, it probly had been better, the trailer is somewhat misleading showing alot of gameplay where Rambo is actualy shown doing stuff in 3th person. I think the quality if the video isn't to great either to give i real idea how the game looks, so i probly check it out once it hit the bargin bin, and that is probly pretty soon.
  • Even if this game is a freebie on ps+ I won't even waste my time downloading it. Sad to see some devs trying their best doing good looking games but are set back 10 years in the past. At this point they should just do the game more retro and more gameplay oriented, I bet the gameplay will suck as much as those graphics. Teyon, you missed a great opportunity right here. Don't cry, you won't be the first company that made bad games *cough*ljn*cough*.
  • You just know that thsi game will struggle, and no one will have the plat because the devs will think gamers will really enjoy a trophy that requires you to kill 20,000 other gamers in MP mode. :D If you want a good Rambo game. The best one to this day (and even that was pants) is on SEGA Megadrive. Plus the graphic details and animations look smoother on the MD :D
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