PSN 12 Deals of Christmas #10 Save Your Dubloons on Assassin's Creed IV and PixelJunk Monsters

Richard Walker

There's both 'arrrr' and 'raaaarrrrgh' in today's PlayStation Network 12 Deals of Christmas with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag offering pirates and plunder on PS3 for 64% less than usual and PixelJunk Monsters for PS Vita.

Both are rather generous bargains, with Black Flag available for 20 quid and the compulsive, fun tower defence game, PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD is a snip at £3.99. You could also trade up the PS3 version of ACIV: Black Flag to the next-gen version for a tenner, getting you the game on PS4 for just shy of £30.

As usual, there's an additional 10% off for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and there are some movie rentals to take advantage of. Enjoy.

Deal 10:

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag (PS3)
Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£59.99, now €29.99/AU$39.95/£19.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Pixeljunk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita)
Was €12.99/AU$18.45/£9.99, now €4.99/AU$7.35/£3.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members

Movie Rentals:

United Kingdom:
SD: Was £3.49, now £0.99
HD: Was £4.49, now £1.99

Jack The Giant Slayer
SD: Was AU$5.99, now AU$1.99
HD: Was AU$6.99, now AU$2.99

SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

A Good Day to Die Hard
SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

Jack the Giant Slayer
SD: Was €3.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €4.99, now €1.99

Vertical Limit
SD: Was €1.99, now €0.99
HD: Was €2.99, now €1.99

[Via EU PlayStation Blog]

  • sweet looks like in getting AC4, ill buy ps3 version then do the upgrade
  • Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Special Edition is only £22.49 at Game. Much better deal IMO.
  • @ #2 true i just checked but this is better for me as i will be getting ps4 version for less than £30 with the ps discount
  • Nice deal on AC! Though by the time I would have time to play it, it would be half the price in retail it will be now on PSN, so I'll pass up :)
  • I bet that 12th deal will be The Last of Us
  • patiently waiting for killzone merc myself, but with only a 4gb memory card free i doubt i can get it, as my 8gb is full
  • just to let you know the psn version gives you all the dlc game offers along with avelines mission, so for the extra £5.50 if youve got a ps4 you maybe aswell get the ps3 then upgrade
  • i am w8ing on beyond 2 souls to come in 10 deals of xmass
  • I've already got AC4 on the PS4 which i haven't really started yet as i've been busy with other PS4 games, but i'm going to keep an eye on this 12 Deals of Christmas to see the other deals.
  • You can only upgrade ps3 disc based games to ps4 version & there's a time limit which I think might have expired now!
  • waiting for ac4 with all dlcs edition :)
  • Not European
  • @12 yea its in euro aswel.i just lookt @10 not can upgrade it to ps4.same as whit cod and bf4.those 4 can be upgraded from digital to ps4.did so my expires in martch 2014.
  • btw i got bf4 from ps3 deal of xmass and upgraded it to only cost 10 bucks extra to upgrade it
  • Sweet, I've just got my PS4, looks like AC4 will be my first game for it.
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