TowerFall Ascension PS4-Bound in Early 2014

Richard Walker

A retro-styled indie game from Canadian studio IndieHouse, TowerFall Ascension will be heading to PlayStation 4 early next year.

A combat game in which you control a wee archer in a bid to impae your friends with arrows, TowerFall Ascension is a local multiplayer title that's "fast­-paced, intense, and strategic, with nuanced controls, one­-hit kills, and limited ammo."

Promising 50 new versus levels, 4 more playable archers, an all­-new 12-player cooperative Quest mode, 6 additional power­-ups, and more additional content, TowerFall Ascension will be coming to PS4 in early 2014. Check out the trailer.

[Via PS Blog]

  • Awfull why would i spend £450 quid for something that looks like it could be played on a wii lol
  • @1 - Uhhhhh.... its an indie game that was probably made my 1 or 2 guys... What do you expect it to look like? Chill.
  • I don't mind indie games, but I hate these MP focused ones. 100% pass!!
  • My humble opinion is that indy games belong on the PC, where they can be heavily modded and gain a cult following like what Minecraft did, then make the jump to console once they have that fan base.
  • @5 Agreed, especially because Sony have admitted to using Indie games to plug the huge gaps in their main release line ups. Which basically screams "barely any games, have lots of Indie stuff instead!"
  • i would play anything but this seems/looks bellow power compared to other indie games already announced. free on plus and who gives a shit but i wouldn't pay for it.
  • Oh cool, the OUYA classic is branching out.
  • "impale"
  • @5 lol are you talking to yourself lol. Ill pass though
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