Modern Day Assassin's Creed Game Doubtful, Return of Connor Unlikely

Lee Bradley

Ubisoft held a Reddit AMA overnight which threw up a few interesting titbits about the future of Assassin’s Creed.

First up is the fate of Assassin’s Creed III protagonist Connor, who lead writer Darby McDevitt says is “not very” to return for futures games.

On the subject, Ubisoft Community Developer Gabe Graziani added, “Better to tear the bandaid off straight-away than to pull it slowly, my friends.”

Connor followed in the footsteps of original AC star Altaïr, as well as ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations protagonist Ezio Auditore, but failed to make the same impact with fans.

No mention was made as to the future of Black Flag protagonist Edward Kenway, or his potential continued appearances in the series.

Meanwhile, McDevitt also quashed any hopes of an Assassin’s Creed game being set exclusively in the current day.

“I doubt we would do a modern day AC,” he said. “There are just too many mechanics we would have to develop to make it [believable] ... vehicles, plausible modern cities, a huge array of ranged weapons, etc.”

“The modern day will most likely remain as a ‘context’ for all future games, something to tie them all together.”

McDevitt added, “Watchdogs will scratch the itch for a modern day AC. Just wait!”


  • it would be cool to see an A.C. set in feudal japan ;D
  • Yeah, Connor was totally bland and so was the whole 'Murica, fuck yeah theme of AC3. But Edward will probably get the Ezio treatment.
  • McDevitt added, “Watchdogs will scratch the itch for a modern day AC. Just wait!” That line just summed up everything I thought about watchdogs, it's just a reskinned assassins creed.
  • in spite of the future The Order which takes place in a modified London, i'd love to play a good assassin's creed in London as well. But the feudal Japan would make as much sense as well. Just think how cool would be to tie the Assassin's order to the story of the 47 Ronin (although it might upset a bit Japan considering it's sort of a traditional story)
  • Watchdogs may be contender for #1 game I want next gen, but unlikely to "scratch the itch" I, apparently unlike many others, loved Desmond. His story was what kept me hooked, though everyone else was grey too. The idea of a game that would play totally different(it would have to) but feature Desmond in all his bleed effect awesomeness seemed like a bold risk with great potential. But that ship has sailed and ubi has proven they don't have the balls to deviate too far from their cow. I'm not bashing or bitching, just feel like instead of yearly versions of the same game we could have seen some more innovation and variety. Take risks and experiment, but reassure the fans that the numbered sequels they love will stay the heart of the series. Even if you didn't want AC to have shooter mechanics, we do have plenty of shooters, the fact remains we will only ever have pre 1700's games otherwise. Eventually they will stop feeling new and different. We may have a long and rich history worldwide, but as a video game I think people will get sick of the repetition.
  • Thank god. Oh man, if Connor returned or if there was a modern day AC, the series would have just died right then and there. I like how they are keeping things related to ancestors in the past. While I know they said Feudal Japan is something they will never work on, it seems to be the thing every AC fan is pining for. I am excited to see where they are taking the franchise. Maybe another female assassin? The return of Ezio? It could happen, if they are turning the story into Abstergo making video games, who is to say they can't program dna relatives into other peoples timelines? The characters are just Avatars now anyways. It would be cool to see Ezio team up with Avaline or something.
  • WE need another Tenchu Z game. I'm tired of AC. Let it die with last gen.
  • I'd still like to see an old west assassin, but they would have to more or less make the game a shooter of sorts, sword fighting would look rather silly in the old west when you have six shooters and repeating rifles.
  • Wild West, WW2, and Modern Assassins Creed games are what I'd like to see. I'll be looking forward to ACV.
  • I loved Connor, and though AC3 was really nice. But I want new protagonists and especially new eras to explore.
  • Good to hear I wasn't the only one who didn't like AC3
  • I love the over arching modern day aspect of the series. As long as they don't get rid of that completely, I'm ok with no full modern day Assassin's Creed. As for there not being another game with Connor in it, I'm alright with that as well. He was by far my least favorite assassin, Altair, Ezio then Connor for me.
  • So Desmond is never gonna leave the animus?!?!
  • I agree with #1. Hell, there are a lot of places AC could take place. I hope they either return to europe, or explore an asian setting.
  • Who gives a shit if there is a ton of mechanics to develop. You can do that on the PS4!!!
  • Firstly, good. 'Cuz Connor sucked. He had a horrible personality, and non-existent character development. I really wish ACIII would have been Haytham's game. I liked him more in the first 10 minutes than I did in all the time I played as Connor. Secondly, no biggie, Ubisoft. I'll still be buying the AC games when they're both used and in the bargain bin. Only Dishonored, from here on out, is worth full price for my assassin game needs.
  • So glad there's not going to be a modern day Assassin's Creed. There are so many places i'd love to explore, Feudal Japan, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Medieval or Arthurian Britian, WW2 Europe(this is as close to modern day I would accept them going). A modern day entry would probably end the series, and while I wouldn't mind them making release less frequent, I certainly don't want it gone.
  • I hope they make an AC game featuring the Asian girl assassin that seeked elderly Ezio's help. :)
  • I really dislike the fact that at least half of this new AC is based on the stupid naval combat. I really actually liked AC3 since I like looking at my country's past and seeing how these fictional elements can tie in with them. That being said, I wish Connor had been developed as a character a lot more effectively than they had done with him. I also really enjoyed the story DLC for AC3, with the whole "what if...?" theme in a historical timeline. The only thin I couldn't stand and still can't stand is the naval combat. It's unnecessary to the series, and does not have the "assassin" feel to it. An assassin is supposed to be stealthy. Now while a lot of us might just stab enemies in the open in these games because it's fun instead of stealthy, commandeering a ship with a crew yelling and shooting cannons at other ships or coastal forts is sure as hell not stealthy! I guess this is just a gripe that I have.... Regardless, as interesting as it would be to have a modern-day AC, I don't thinking would work too well in the end (although you would definitely need to be more stealthy what with all the guns we have nowadays). I'm still hoping for an AC game to be set in Nazi occupied Germany during World War II. Perhaps within 30 years it would be more likely of a possibility with WW2 being a century old by that point (although I hope we don't have 30 more AC games. In between now and then lol).
  • I'd like to see the AC saga go to either Feudal Japan, or during the time of The Three Kingdoms era in China.
  • enough of AC and bring POP again for the next generation UBI.
  • Connor "failed to make the same impact with fans"? No, you blockheads! The following is what "failed to make a [positive] impact with fans: Glitched trophies Constant open conflict, whether we wanted it or not: we were attacked on every street corner by groups of redcoats "just because." Encyclopedia of the Common Man (besides being glitched): Having to scrape together a colony, get involved with all their pointless drama, and sit on our butts waiting for the damn lumberjacks to actually work instead of fish or flap their yappers Boring micro-management of wagon trains to get better weapons and money Wagon trains that wouldn't spawn Connor's retarded Mom DLC that failed to deliver all the hype about The Tyranny of George Washington THAT is what did not have a positive impact with fans. Connor was a bland character, but at least he was Native American and Ubisoft branched out culturally. The weapons authentic to the period were also cool. I could stand to play Connor again, but not deal with all this other garbage.
  • Personally I really liked the story in Assassin's Creed 3. I agree with poetic_justice_ though that the glitches in the game killed the last installment the most.
  • I definitely agree with #23 and #24. I actually liked Conner a lot. He didn't have the charisma that Ezio did, but he was still a character that I enjoyed playing as. In my opinion: (1) The best AC character: Ezio, (2) The best AC gameplay: Assassin's Creed II, but (3) The best AC story: Assassin's Creed III.
  • they could pull off making Connor better in another game. Edward is easier, and Ezio would be welcomed back. love the comment about Watch Dogs. and that "itch" is having it's "scratch" delayed. if it don't work on a spin-off (Watch Dogs = AC/not so GTA)...still, the last game having a good deal of Desmond ultimately triumphing over the Templars in the present after discovering a final ancestor could be a good game.
  • I hated ac3, it was just awful and uninspired, Connor was crap. Setting the game in America was a lame attempt at raking in big cash, sadly it still did but it's a history even non-Americans all already know. I love reading about it, watching documentaries about it, I love the real history of it, i love America, I just don't think we needed an AC game set in that place and time, it just didn't fit with the rest of the series, I'm pleased to hear Connor is finished. Hopefully the series is back on track now, by the sounds of it, it is! All the other games were fantastic, I'm still not sure kenway has what it takes to replace ezio, ezio IS assassins creed, but at least the series has returned to an interesting location with an interesting, young rebellious lead character. I look forward to playing ACBF on ps4 on launch!!
  • Apparently I was the only person who liked Ratonhnhaké:ton....
  • Maybe it's because I'm half French, but I would've preferred a game set in revolutionary France rather than set in the other half of me, America. Same time frame so it would overlap and that might not be what Ubi Montreal wants to do, but it has a huge cast of characters who all die notorious deaths, like King Louis XVI and Napoleon, which they could really make fun of in the animus database regarding his height. I would say anything from the American Civil War/Wild West to present day would all fall under their modern time off limits restriction. I also remember reading they don't want to do ancient Egypt, China or feudal Japan, them, not me.
  • it would be cool to see a modern day assassins creed, i mean they could do it, it shouldn't be that hard
  • A WWII AC would be cool. There's even an interesting way to fit it in. It was popular at the time for soldiers to graffiti everything with "Kilroy was here" (a character from some cartoon at the time). Hitler and Stalin even found some of them and thought he was a real spy and got paranoid about all the places "He" showing up (Wiki it!). This could easily be altered into a real assassin character for the time period. Ezio was hands down the best character, but I have trouble seeing another game written around him since we already explored most of the major points of his life, and we interacted with his final resting place in modern day storyline. Maybe another character in the same timeframe that only once in a while interacts with Ezio could work, but I'm not too fond of that idea. I think a modern day AC storyline could work and wouldn't necessarily end the franchise. The end of that game could be spun so that the player was actually a descendent of Desmond in a future animus and could continue with more stories after that. It would be a cool twist in my opinion. As for developing the mechanics for the game... Isn't that what game developers are paid to do? Do you think we want 100 games based on the same rehashed game engine just so we can have a yearly sequel? Quality over Quantity! You spent the time building the pirate ship mechanic for AC3 & 4 and it paid off, right?
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