Rambo: The Video Game Still Looks Rubbish

Lee Bradley

A new game based on First Blood would be amazing. Imagine it - sneaking through the forests, laying deadly home-made traps for the police and military, hunting for food to survive. It could be a tight, desperate, rain-soaked thriller, with stretches of quiet tension punctuated by grim horror as your traps are sprung, a uniformed pursuer speared or impaled.

Rambo: The Video Game, which is based on First Blood, First Blood Part 2 and Rambo 3, looks nothing like that. It’s out in early 2014.

  • Holy crap! That was some serious rubbish.
  • It looks terrible it real does i've got the feeling its going to bomb, i think people will be avoiding Teyon after this game for a very long time to come. These guys used to make WiiWare for the Wii you can tell going by this games trailer, imagine what the in-game graphics are going to be like.
  • @2 do you also have the feeling the sun will rise and set tomorrow?
  • I'll definitely going to play this.... maybe.... IF we get it free via the PS+ service... and there is nothing else to play in the world...
  • That is terrible, is this a rail shooter?
  • Only thing good about this trailer is the music.
  • Can you say, "PlayStation 2"? Because that's pretty much what it looks like. And seriously, rail shooter? Someone needs to make a Rambo mod for Far Cry 3...
  • @3 its called logic, look at the games released in the last few years, games like Batman, Dark Souls, Bioshock, MGR, Dishonored etc. And for the same price you get this, them graphics don't cut-it towards most other 3rd party games.
  • Looks bad at least the graphics in my opinion, but if the gameplay, movie sequences, and if overall its fun, i would be OK But i don't give it so much hope, because remember: It's a movie-licensed game (and sadly looks like they surfer the curse of sucks...)
  • In fairness that would be a great launch title...if we're back in 2000.
  • like others are saying, this type of game is not in fashion anymore, this company needs to move with the time. It just looks like a 90's early 2000's arcade shooter. Terrible!
  • minecraft looks like a atari 2600 game and yet it sold like hot cakes. its not all about looks its a fun factor and gameplay that should count first. if the games cheap enough i for one would give it a shot. after all there are plenty of so called sexy looking games that were a pile of crap and had neither fun factor or decent game play. it wont be the graphics that will hold it back.....it will be the fact its not next gen game as well as this gen. just like south park it will fail for that reason.
  • There are quite a number of reason why this game will fail. 1.The game looks outdated and it hints to being an on rails shooter (On rail shooters are fine, but this doesn't do justice to them.) 2.The voices you will hear in this game are completely pre-recorded. No new dialogue, just the same lines you hear from the movies. 3. The graphics looks horrible, it doesn't have a charming look like minecraft and it's very below par. I think that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon city has better graphics than this game. Now graphics aren't everything, but they are necessary. 4. Maybe this game in it's current state, would have worked years ago, but by todays standards, Im expecting an Angryjoeshow Angry review on this game. In the end, i just think it's a waste of time and resources, also, why the hell is Rambo 4 not in there?!? If your going to bother to include the first 3 movies, why the hell not the fourth one?!?
  • @11 are you serious? a 90 arcade shooter? Have you ever went to an actual arcade? Those graphics sucks yes, but are a billions time better than any arcades that I've ever played or saw. These devs definitively should have made this game in 2005-6, that might have been a hit, and NO you won't get me with the rambo bubblehead.
  • Day 1.....9375 buy.
  • Hope it have infinite ammo and no recharge guns just like movies
  • If it's 29.99$ I'll consider wiping my ass with it.
  • Can't be Rambo. He acts better than Sly Stallone.
  • 13# terminator salvation was probably the easiest 100% completion out today it was so short it felt like playing a demo lol btw I don't do on the rail shooters if this is just pure action and shooting I will pick up at £15-20 max no more also it looks like a wii game
  • @20 you're willing to pay for this piece of shit? the opposite of enlightened aren't you?
  • Looks like another Ride To Hell Retribution.
  • ps1 games looked better then this.....how did this even get finished o.O
  • Whatever I'm totally putting this on the gamefly Q. Looks like good cheesy fun! As long and there are no glitched trophies/achievements! >.>
  • 20# it's just a user name I wasn't gave it at birth lol btw I forgot to say I would buy this mediocre game if I was at a really loose end and bored 24# got it spot on
  • @#13, I couldn't have said it better myself!
  • Wow that clipping helicopter at the end jesus.
  • Reef shouldn't have trusted in Teyon for the development of that game. Teyon has specialized in small downloadable games (it evens has one in development for PS3: Robot Rescue Revoution), not in these bigger games.
  • I love how everyone just explodes in a cloud of blood and guts. Mein leben!
  • @25 stop talking to yourself and for the love of flying spaghetti monster don't procreate.
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