Sleeping Dogs Follow-Up 'Triad Wars' in The Works at United Front

Richard Walker

United Front Games has announced that it's working on a sequel to the rather excellent Sleeping Dogs, with the suffix 'Triad Wars'.

As with many early announcements like this, Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars is in development, but details are somewhat thin on the ground at present. According to an update on UFG's official site, we'll find out more next year. No platforms have been confirmed for the next Sleeping Dogs, but we're crossing our fingers for next-gen.

Sleeping Dogs released in August of last year to a largely positive critical reception, and managed to shift around 2 million copies having been ditched by Activision and picked up by Square Enix, who will also publish the sequel. You can read our Sleeping Dogs review here.

  • I FINALLY got the play for this game yesterday (stupid cock fights)... it is one of my all time favorite games. I cant wait for triad wars!
  • Cock (the rooster tyrpe yeah LOL) fights weren't as unpredictable as GTA5 Stocks Exchange! I would like to go back to a simplier open world GTA-ish game after finishing this not-so-easy GTA5... I really enjoyed SD when it first came out. I should enjoy this one as well...
  • yessssssss, my body needs this.
  • @way to use this news to rant about gta5
  • Oh hell yeah!, i really loved Sleeping Dogs, it ones of my favourites sandbox games released in this generation, had a great story and an excellent and fun gameplay So i'm glad that a sequel it's coming!
  • Great game glad they are making a sequel go Square Enix best publisher ever
  • I hope this isn't iOS or mobile game like Deus Ex: The Fall although it seems that it will be. Sleeping Dogs was my 2012 GOTY so I really hope it's a real sequel but I will not get my hopes up especially Deus Ex iOS game.
  • Awesome. Sleeping Dogs ranked high up there for my 2012 releases, so I'm glad to see SE didn't (stupidly) sweep this one under the rug. Now, as Object422 put it, bring another Deus Ex game to consoles, Square, and all might be forgiven.
  • Just read about it. I'm very happy that there will be more of Sleeping Dogs in the future. The first game was excellent !
  • @1 Cockfights are easy as hell, always pick the under dog. 90% sucess rate when I tried it, I failed once.
  • Good to hear, the only thing I would like to see different is adding in some moral choice to key missions which would lead to 2 or 3 different endings.
  • An OK open world game but Just Cause 2, Saints Row and GTA are better.
  • @10 - I call BS on your 90%.... I had to save after each win and reload after each loss. I tried betting only on underdog... then only on more experienced.... then white only... then white only.... I think it is only random.
  • Great news. I miss the great driving while playing other open world games.
  • @13 Call BS all you want dude, but I only failed once. I guess results may vary?
  • im not crazy about the name... i love sleeping dogs but the name triad wars just makes me not wanna play it (though i will anyway)
  • -5 already... Wow some people really can't take opinions very well!
  • omg the cock fights... I lost like 50 fights in a row using every "pro tip" i could find haha. I never gave this game a chance until it was free on + and wow was I pleasantly surprised; it was amazing and easily one of my favourite games of current gen
  • YEAH! Excellent news, hopefully this will come to PS4. This game would force me to buy whatever game it launches into, it was my favorite game on PS3.
  • Amazing. I loved this game. Got it free on PS+ and couldn't put it down. The minute I finished it I grabbed the DLC and kept going. My Chinese girlfriend loved the detail in it. Especially the the Pork Bun guy.
  • I'm 90% sure this will not be like Sleeping Dogs. Probably some type of mobile game, which I hate to say it does bring a certain stigma with it. I hope it stays true to the formula found in Sleeping Dogs as that was a fucking brilliant game that is some how still overlooked and overrated despite selling a lot.
  • Yes, awesome. the Chinese GTA returns for a sequel.
  • Fuck yeah. I just hope they don't throw in some MP shit like the rest of these dickheads have been doing to SP games.
  • Fantastic news
  • Sweet as, easy Plat and a good game!
  • best news of the day! I am still enjoying the DLC. please put the nightmare on sale too. This game is AWESOME and deserves more recognition!
  • @4 Sorry GTAV is the king of sandbox like it or not. Hope its next gen and thay need to up there game after GTAV has set the bar very high.
  • Maybe GTV is bigger but the gameplay in Sleeping Dogs is so much better, and Wei is a real badass as a main character. I really hope we will play as Wei again.
  • Sleeping Dogs was Wei better than I thought it would be.
  • Triad Wars Episode I: The Wonton Menace
  • Sleeping Dogs is one of the many PS+ games I wish I bought new at full price to support the devs, I wish there was a "donate" button for PS+ games to support devs, sometimes I feel like I've stolen a brilliant game lol xD Will buy this sequel day one though, Sleeping Dogs was an excellent game.
  • I got this on PS Plus like most of you did. Loved it so much so I bought the game on disc. It's worth keeping really...
  • @17 but it wasn't an opinion, you stated the others are better, in a factual manner, just a one line throwaway statement. IMO SD is a better game than both JC2 & SR, the fights are harder, the story much better and its a more fun game to play.
  • If we play as Wei again I hope that he is a normal cop again and not undercover (because that would make no sense with everyone knowing who he is) also hopefully he doesn't feel as sorry as he did in the first game for several known murders like the old man.
  • There is only 1 open world game sleeping dogs is not better than. And we all know what that is and no it aint just cause or saints fucking row. I do think that sleeping dogs was a killer game though.
  • Yay! Thank you for believing in the developer square enix, youre not totally terrible
  • Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 2 and Saints Row 3 are my favourite!
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