Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Trailer Goes on a Pirate Heist

Lee Bradley

Ubisoft has released yet another new trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, alongside a smattering of new screens.

Called The Pirate Heist, the trailer is a typically dramatic affair, showing off all manner of swashing, buckling and cannon blasting on the high seas. The screens, meanwhile, feature a variety of characters and environments from single-player and multiplayer, as well as a look at Blackbeard's troubling hair do.

But what do you get up to in the vast watery expanses of AC IV when you’re not sending ships into the drink? That’s what I attempted to find out in our latest preview. Give it a read here.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag sets sail on current-gen consoles on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe. It's a launch title on next-gen consoles.

  • So gonna enjoy the 4th one more then the failure I thought the third one was. Cause I like the naval combat and I wanted more of that. Nice to see I get my wish in the 4th one and its based on pirates :) Hurry up October 29th.
  • nice copy and paste from the other news feed there #1 >_> super excited for this one bout time we got a pirate game that don't suck(sorry risen 2)
  • Does anyone feel tired of trailers and videos of this game? When i play this i probably will know more than should and i'm guessin' it won't be as fun it should be.
  • I wonder if at any time while on a ship if you can hit a man-made sea ramp and ascend out of the water over, say, some hammerheads or great whites? ; )
  • @3: Not at all. Better then Square shoving so much down our throat about LR: FFXIII instead of giving us a release date for FFXHD.
  • @3 I agree, every day there's a new trailer for this game and it gets me a little annoyed, 3 has rather put me off getting this game for a while and the new trailer daily isn't helping.
  • So I own all of the assassins creeds...and I'm still on brotherhood...oops?
  • When I see tons of trailers and news, I get the feeling they're relying on hype to sell the game as opposed to an actual good game.
  • I don't see this selling as well as previous entries. I'l probably rent it, I LOVED 2 and Brohood. I enjoyed parts of Revelations and 3, but I'm struggling to get excited for this.
  • @3, Just try not to watch it. :)
  • I can't wait for the game, preordered the collectors edition ages ago. @7 sometimes it can be hard to get around to games when newer ones keep coming out and some keep get pushed further and further back, should try playing the others before this one though, good luck at getting to them hehe. @29 I see it selling as much because it is a great series and all of the games are great, sure some strange people lost interest but I don't think enough to make the sales drop alot, thankfully.
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