Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland DLC Out Now

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that Splinter Cell Blacklist's Homeland DLC is now available to download, adding new co-op maps, gear, goggles and a new weapon.

Here's what the Homeland DLC adds:

  • Co-Op Maps - (playable solo or with a friend)
    • Billionaire’s Yacht (Grim Mission)
    • Dead Coast (Kobin Mission)
  • Gear
    • Upper Echelon Suit
    • 4E Eclipse Suit, Whisper Boots
    • MBS Boots
    • Tactical Gloves
    • Exclusive Merc Skin (SvM-only)
    • Exclusive Spy Skin (SvM-only)
  • Goggles
    • Gold, Amber, White Lights
  • Weapon
    • Exclusive Crossbow with Sleeping Gas Bolts

You can grab the Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland add-on now for £4.69/$6.99. You can add it to your download queue here.

  • I haven't seen anyone on my friends list playing this game. I hope the sales for this game are good! I would like to pick this up
  • so it's all preorder stuff
  • Hopefully they'll make these separate. I only need the yacht mission
  • $7 is bullshit, it should all be free. How about we get some real DLC UBI? This is all pre-order nonsense.
  • If had had something to do with the TV show I might have picked it up
  • Just need the Billionaire’s Yacht, hopefully that will come seperate someday. Not going to pay $7.99 for just one level.
  • Dexter and BB are waaay better than homeland. Also this DLC pack is BS, and should have been $2 max. It is just all the preorder dlc combined.
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