Gamescom 2013: Watch Dogs Interview - Dominic Guay Connects Us To Aiden Pearce

Lee Abrahams

Can you hack it? Aiden Pearce can. He's the hacker extraordinaire at the centre of Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft Montreal's ambitious open-world title in which everything and everyone is connected. And ripe for exploitation at the simple touch of a smartphone screen.

Set in Chicago, Pearce plays the role of a vigilante hacker of sorts, though his exact agenda and motivations are somewhat ambiguous. You'll be able to shape Pearce yourself as you play through Watch_Dogs, as Senior Producer Dominic Guay reveals in our interview below.

Check it out to find out more about how Aiden Pearce's character will evolve throughout the game, and how your decisions will affect the course of the story. And when you've finished watching the interview, see if you can hack our extensive and in-depth Watch_Dogs preview here.

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