Gamescom 2013: Sony XDev Interview - Sarah Wellock Takes Us Through PlayStation's Indie Line-Up

Dan Webb

Sony made it abundantly clear that indie games are a major focus for PlayStation during Gamescom, especially on PS4, announcing a whole slate of new titles that break the gaming mould and promise to offer something different to the usual 'shoot people in the face' paradigm.

With its XDev team, Sony is dedicating a lot to its indie remit, and even to its bigger titles like DriveClub (well, obviously) with strong showings at Gamescom. From the twisted nightmare world of Murasaki Baby to the nostalgia of Shadow of the Beast, there might just be something for everyone too.

With a lot to show off, we caught up with Sony XDev's Lead Community Manager Sarah Wellock, to find out more about PlayStation's enviable indie line-up. You can read about all the games in more detail in our big round-up preview here. After you've watched the video, of course.

  • I suspect this generation we'll see more and more people moving away from the big triple A titles and heading towards Indie dev titles. This is already happening on PC, and indie dev titles have already enjoyed some success on the console market as well. The reason is Indie devs aren't afraid to take big risks, and in a market where we keep getting the same old games with a new paint job, that's where we're going to find the next big hit. This generation will likely be all about the Indie devs, and next I suspect may be around VR gaming, assuming the Occulus Rift keeps performing as well as it is (As someone who has had the luck to be hands on with that thing, it is seriously impressive, especially considering it's still only in the Prototype stage)
  • @1 totally agree. Just look at minecrafts success on 360. It knocked cod off Xbox lives most played for several weeks, and even now it is still pretty high. I am sure when it hits all the PS platforms, it will enjoy similar success.
  • Great video. Can't wait to see more of Rime. Hope it has a platinum. You guys should get the exclusive for the trophy list, or at least push for it to have a platinum lol.
  • @1 The sad thing is, indie titles very rarely have a plat, so everybody will be all "ZOMG NO PLATZ NO BUYZ!!!!1!!1!" I've enjoyed some indie titles, but from what I've seen they don't get much support.
  • actually i bet this gen you'll see a lot of different kind of games more open word & RPG games, as well as indie games of course. And if true you'll not see the Occulus Rift on the PS4, you'll see Sonys own VR Headset by the end of 2014 on the PS4, which is apparently better than Occulus Rift.
  • @1 I don't mind if people enjoy indie titles, but it will begin to have an adverse effect on big-budget games if indie games take over. Developers would see less profit for big-budget games, meaning less high-quality games and and a market flooded with lower-quality "indie" games. The entire industry would end up becoming similar to an app store's game section: a lot of low-quality, mostly-crap games. So for the sake of the industry, I hope that people do not move away from big-budget, high-quality titles. Perhaps a balance can be reached with big-budget games and indie-quality titles.
  • I am sure people won't move away from big AAA tits any time soon. There is a place for Indy games but I imagine it will end up like ps1 days where you had a free game every month with the opm disc, obviously now you can download them.
  • @4 actually alot of indie titles have plats idk what your talking about! and plus people will still Buy simply for the reason too play and still get trophies! indie games are far more enjoyaBle then AAA titles aBOut 70% of the time
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