Gamescom 2013: Murasaki Baby Interview - Massimo Guarini Sums Up His Game in Less Than 30 Seconds

Dan Webb

Murasaki Baby is unorthodox, and so too is our interview with Creative Director Massimo Guarini. We caught up with the former Grasshopper Manufacture man, and Director on Shadows of the Damned to talk about his new PS Vita baby at Gamescom.

Guarini is clearly a man who's passionate about his PS Vita project, setting up Ovosonico with a view to creating indie games that have something different to offer. Murasaki Baby is the first game from the studio embracing that indie spirit, with a unique, nightmarish world through which you must guide the eponymous baby.

Talking to Guarini, we asked if he could sum up Murasaki Baby in 30 seconds or less, asked what kind of a car it would be, what song it would be, and more off-the-wall questions that will give you more of an insight into the game, ahead of its release sometime next year. It's a must watch, folks. So watch!

  • Grande Guarini!
  • Looked pretty good. Will be playing most Indy games with exception of mine craft on the vita. Its just the best place for them or old ps1 games. (Seriously, have you tried resident evil 2 on a 44"HD screen. Does not quite do it justice like the little vita screen does lol)
  • I can say, as an italian: meno male che ci sono ancora sviluppatori italiani!
  • BTW BREAKING NEWS: on the EU psn you can get jak and daxter 1,2,3 for vita for free, no PS+ required, I think there's an error
  • @#4, did you buy the digital PS3 version? It's cross buy, so if you did, that's why it shows as free :)
  • @5 I didn't, I only have it on disc, I just got 3 free awesome games :D
  • @5 - It is not Cross Buy. I got the three of them on Vita for free before I downloaded the PS3's Plus version. I assumed that it was also a Plus benefit for some reason, but I guess it wasn't?
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