This Week's Assassin's Creed 2 DLC Won't Have New Trophies

Dan Webb

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we got word from Ubisoft this morning, specifically UK Community Manager Korina Abbott, that the Assassin's Creed 2 DLC will not come with new trophies... well, the one this week anyway.

They may change their mind for the second piece (we doubt it), but don't expect trophies for The Battle of Forli (out on Thursday, 28th).

Sorry folks.

  • Don't be sorry, I'm still getting it. I'm more interested in the story than the trophies.
  • ='( That sucks
  • NOOOOOOOOOOO Still interested in it, though.
  • and I care why? It's still going to be awesomesauce and putting trophies with this would proberly just piss off trophey hoarders.
  • Isn't it illegal? Every new game (even DLCs) must have trophies since 2009...
  • yes no trophies
  • @#5 - Illegal? No. Against Sony's T&C's for DLC? No.
  • I am going to be honest. I loved the game but if it doesn't come with trophies I am not wasting my time. It basically will be the same thing I have been doing in the game already so the only incentive to me was the trophies. Just my opinion.
  • was gonna get this dlc just for trophy but now i have changed my mind....
  • Bit of a shame i was looking forward to new trophies and the challenges that come with might just save my money and wait for the resident evil 5 DLC instead
  • It doesn't really matter... The story is what really matters! More trophies would have been a nice plus but as long as the content of the DLC is good, I don't really care. But wait wait... They cannot do that. Since April 2009 any game or DLC (with real content, not only costumes) must support the trophy feature... so I'm sure that if they do release this without trophies, Sony is gonna come and kick some a*** to fix the issue...
  • At least the xbox doesnt have achievements either. Usually in these situations xbox nabs them and Ps3 misses out
  • I find this a bit strange. Surely Ubisoft could have put a few trophies in and this would have guaranteed some much-needed extra sales for the DLC. Personally I think DLC should come with trophies to give something extra to those who purchase it, but hopefully the story in this DLC will make up for that anyway.
  • Yeah, no sale for me, either. :D
  • No trofies, no DLC. Very simple.
  • sweet now i can sell my kopy and pay off GOW3 xD
  • Well, at least, if there isn't new trophies, people can still catch up the "Fly Swatter" trophy if they missed it during the game.
  • why do people want the trophies so much!!! theyre fun to collect but cmon, its bout the game not collecting virtual achievents. thats just sad not buying it coz it dont hsave any trophies
  • btw, how do people get their trophy things up on the left hand side to their comment, help would b GREAtly appreciated
  • As I feared. I won't get it then. It's a good game, but with the story cut out in the main game, and served as dlc later, and with no trophies, I'm calling shenanigans (or whatever).
  • finally i get to have a game with 100%, all my other games that ive gotten plats on, have 53% n 71%
  • trophys. well im gettin this anyway. Curious about the story but im sure Ubisoft is missing lots of extra DLC sales without trophys in it
  • Well at least one game will remain at 100% :)... Not sure if I want to get the DLC though... I didn't even play the first AC so missing out some of the 2nd game won't be too bad for me.
  • Yeah, okay. Even if I had AC2, I sure wouldn't be shelving Mass Effect 2 long enough to play this even if it DID have trophies. Ubisoft is nuts for releasing it this week.
  • I'm a trophy whore so no dlc for me.
  • still getting it, this is probably the best game on 2009! but I would have liked it more if there would be new trophies...
  • Add me to the no trophy = no DLC group. It was an enjoyable game, but tons of enjoyable games with trophies I still want to play.
  • such a shame ...
  • I think that's good. I wasn't planning to buy the DLC, and now I won't have to worry about not having '100%' next to AC2!
  • goddamnit. i was hoping this wouldn't happen. i REALLY wanna buy this but the lack of trophies just isn't something i can easily look past, at least these days. before trophies it wouldn't have really mattered.
  • Figured. I hadn't seen the percentage drop when comparing with people even though it's due out this week. Oh well. I'll still be buying it though.
  • If they were going to pull this shit they shouldn't have released an incomplete game missing two entire chapters of the stories. Fuck Ubisoft.
  • The sells for this DLC's will be less than half of what it would be if they have added trophies to them. Ubisoft fails at franchise milking.
  • Sorry but it is a joke. They have released an unfinsihed game and are chrging us extra to finish it off. If it wasn't finsihed don't release it just becasue you want peoples xmas money. No trophies, no point me buying it, game can now be sold to fund better games from better companies.
  • Was excited to get this, but if there are no trophies I will spend my gaming time and money elsewhere.
  • In a way, it explains the rather low price of the DLC. Let's hope the extra buck for the second DLC is the price of having trophies...
  • Still getting it doesn't matter that there aren't any trophies.
  • I didn't think it was ALLOWED to have any game or DLC ship without trophies attached anymore...How is Ubisoft getting past this? Or is the rule just for GAMES, and not really for DLC packs? I would think that precedence would rule on this one though, and every other DLC pack for every other game comes with trophies...why not this Ubisoft? Why not this? I was going to get this, but now I am not. I love the story, but I also love getting trophies, and I will NOT encourage more studios to dis-regard trophies by buying this.
  • I can't say this really surprises me. The DLC only adds in one extra chapter. If you follow the trophies from the game itself, at best we could have only expected one extra bronze trophy; hardly worth the effort. Surely, fun to play, but not enough content to warrant (multiple) trophies.
  • Good now I won't have to spend any money! lol
  • Mmm, seems weird. Sony said that ALL games and major DLC released for a game from 2009 on would HAVE to include Trophy support... so either Ubi doesn't care, the DLC ain't that big a deal (more in line with multiplayer maps on CoD and such) or something else is wrong. Does the DLC have Achievements on 360?
  • I don't care about trophies.....!
  • I don't care. Going to buy it anyway!
  • Dammit, I just spend $80 on the master edition just yesterday :( I was hoping that the DLC would trophy support. Oh well, I became a fan of the series with part 2. I'll probably get the DLC bundle when the second one comes out next month.
  • Interesting that there isn't any... but its still a buy from me. I enjoyed a game a lot.
  • This should have been in the game anyway. Ubisoft are ripping gamers off again, the company deserves to tank.
  • No trophies, wow, what a suprise!
  • wow,a tragedy. lol
  • The game itself was overly long and boring. It's story takes a massive jump in time and should have been cleared up for free, if not left in the game. I see no point in paying for content that should have been in the game from the start if it will not award me with anything.
  • don't they have to add trophies to one dlc? because I could have sworn this game comes up at 88% plat when comparing.
  • I Dont know, ubisotf always lies in little details but who knows, anyway im going for it too :)
  • in other news people who have 100 percent in Assassins creed 2 are thrilled that the new DLC will not have trophies. The DLC for AC2 will hit the Playstation Store and Xbox LIve Marketplace on January 28 along with skins For UC2 multiplayer and DLC for Mass effect 2
  • Trophies would have been nice, but I'll still buy this because I loved AC2.
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