Aliens: Colonial Marines Trophies Point to New Campaign Content

Richard Walker

You might have noticed that over the weekend new trophies have been added on the site's front page to Aliens: Colonial Marines, pointing to a new campaign DLC called 'Stasis Interrupted'.

It's the final chunk of content promised for the game's Season Pass, and to date, all of the add-ons for Gearbox's enormously disappointing Aliens title have been multiplayer-only. This will be the first bit of story-driven DLC for the game.

There are some slightly spoilerific story-related clues in the trophy descriptions, which we won't mention here, but we will mention that you'll have audio logs to collect and you'll also have to complete Stasis Interrupted on 'Ultimate Badass' difficulty.

That's something to look forward to then. Aliens: Colonial Marines' Stasis Interrupted DLC will presumably be out quite soon. A price and date has yet to be confirmed. You can check out the trophies here.

  • Yup, a next-gen title from Gearbox and DLCs for Borderlands 2 and Aliens.
  • New ip is good news, at least they're not going to continue pissing all over the Aliens franchise.
  • Is there anyone left who isn't aware of how bad this game is?
  • Who still has this game
  • I still have it. If this DLC isn't rediculously overpriced, I may buy it. Anything to give me a reason to start playing this game again..Stuck on 90% a week after launch.
  • @5: It's thought that the price will be $9.99 but this is not yet confirmed.
  • As much as I was disappointed by this game, I might well pick up some new singleplayer content, provided it's cheap.
  • And on that day, zero fucks where given.
  • It's a mediocre game but nothing as bad as turning point or haze
  • Wait, this game has a season pass? Who bought that?
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