Jens Matthies Talks Wolfenstein: The New Order, Waging War Within Machine & That Scene With Jenny in The Darkness

Dan Webb

We were fairly positive about the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order in our preview this week, and by fairly positive, we mean very. It’s no surprise that some of the people behind it were some of the people behind Starbreeze’s big hits, such as The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.

Jens Matthies, Creative Director on Wolfenstein: The New Order, was one of those people. In fact, he was very influential when it came to creating that infamous Jenny scene in The Darkness… you know, the one from the couch. Great scene, by the way.

We caught up with Matthies recently to talk all things Wolfenstein: The New Order, from what were the pillars they forged the new game upon, all the way to what Matthies makes of a certain Warren Spector quote about their game. Gulp! Oh, and yes, we have a good chat about the aforementioned Jenny scene. I guess what I’m saying is, don’t miss this one, folks!

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  • The last 4 seconds
  • Lol just to finish off do you think the Xbox One is the worst name ever lmao.
  • He knows it is, tis why he had a good laugh about it.
  • Did i just see cheech throwing a gas gan lol.
  • Haha! We have our quarrels from time to time but fellow PS3'rs rejoice in this time of the destruction of Microsoft!
  • i was going to rent this but...after the previous wolfenstien i'll just wait for the reviews
  • I love many of the positive feedbacks on this at the moment - Good interview; I mean, why divide your assets when you don’t have to - just to create ‘another unexciting multiplayer’ mode. I will be mos’ def watching this space: Wolfenstein: The New Order is still part of my wish list games for the ending of ‘0/13… Xmas present for 'anyone who knows me'...hint, hint…
  • I am really looking forward to this game. Wolfenstein 3D is the first FPS I remember playing, and it's rare to get that old-school-shooter feeling in a game anymore. Duke Nukem Forever definitely had that feeling, but unfortunately that game was a flop for many people. I'm glad to see that there are already a good number of exciting games coming to next-gen platforms. My PS4 is going to be keeping me very busy.
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