MCM London Comic Con Day 3 Recap: Mark Meer, Mark Fowler & More Splinter Cell Blacklist

Dan Webb

If you thought day 1 and day 2 of our MCM London Comic Con Games Stage show content was pretty awesome - we did, of course - then prepare to be blown away by day 3.

Day 3 had everything: announcements, fun and games, a hilarious interview with Mark Meer, action-orientated gameplay, and even some impressive video game compositions. Day 3 rocked the Excel to its foundations. I'm going to shut up now and let the videos do the talking - and yes, the audio issues were largely put behind us, yay!

Last but not least, check back tomorrow for a ton of photos from the show, plus our absolutely hilarious highlight reel - you will laugh, I guarantee that!


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Q&A with TT Games' Phil Ring

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard) Session (featuring Raphael Sbarge AKA Kaidan Alenko)

Explosive Alan Presents "The Foddylympics"

Splinter Cell Action Session with Ubisoft Toronto's Scott Lee

X360A & PS3T Presents Mark Fowler, UK Pianist

  • I should go... Watch that hilarious Mark Meer video again. :)
  • Still cracks me up how nearly everyone there killed Kaiden, even Raphael Sbarge because he didn't want to hear himself while playing. XD
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