Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Could Be Releasing in September According to Venom Voice Actor

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Could Be Releasing in September According to Venom Voice Actor

Richard Walker

Speculation abound that Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the upcoming sequel to Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man, could be launching for PS5 this September. That's according to Venom voice actor Tony Todd, who tweeted from the inside of a “mocap mainframe”.

Todd, who famously played Candyman in the original movie, replied to a fan on said tweet, mentioning that a pre-release publicity push is due in August, before the game itself comes out in September. This also falls within Insomniac's official ‘fall 2023’ release window.

"Looks like September! Massive publicity coming in August," Todd exclaimed in the now deleted reply. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5 on for September then, with Tony Todd as the voice of Venom? And Peter Parker and Miles Morales teaming up? Bring it on.

Additionally, Insomniac has its gritty Marvel's Wolverine also in the pipeline. We can't wait.

  • After him leaking the launch month, Sony and Insomniac will probably change it to October or November because now everyone knows that it's planned for September
  • Seeing as all 3 major spiders are in the game maybe that means the true big bad is Carnage. Hopefully, they do Carnage justice cuz he was seriously toned down in Let there be Carnage.
  • @2, I've been wondering if Venom will be the actual main antagonistic of the game. I feel like they did a pretty good bait and switch with the first games marketing.
  • Venom will be the main villain, but it will be Harry, not Eddy.

    Game is coming September.

    Peter is main Spidey/Hero, Miles is secondary with his own set of side missions on the map.

    No Carnage or other symbiotes appear. The story is focused on Peter and Harry's relationship and Harry's return from 'his trip'.
  • Gotta love when actors forget about their NDA’s lol

    They should release it on Sept 6, and then we can all see which console exclusive will win out (Probably Spider-Man would beat out Starfield, but I’d enjoy the chaos of the situation regardless)
  • Within 6 months? That would be amazing! Day 1 for me.
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