Marvel's Avengers' Final Update Rolls Out, Unlocking All Marketplace Cosmetics

Marvel's Avengers' Final Update Rolls Out, Unlocking All Marketplace Cosmetics

Richard Walker

With developer Crystal Dynamics announcing back in January that Marvel's Avengers will be receiving its final patch in March, that day is finally here. Update 2.8 has rolled out today across all platforms, unlocking all cosmetic items in the game's Marketplace.

As previously announced, no further heroes will be coming to Marvel's Avengers, and official support for the game will come to an end on 30th September 2023, just over three years on from its release. With the release of Update 2.8, all Outfits, Emotes, Takedown animations, and Nameplates are available to all players.

Any items earned via campaign progression still need to be bought from the in-game Cosmetic Vendor at an of the Avengers' hubs. Shipments and Hero Challenge Cards have also been removed, and anyone who has unlocked a trophy prior to 1st April will be granted a Founder's Gift as a thank you - this includes Iron Man's Variable Threat Response Battle Suit.

Any Credits attached to your account will be converted into resources - Upgrade Modules, Units, Polychoron, Fragments, and DNA Keys - while a selection of bug fixes, improvements to combat, and other gameplay changes have also been introduced with the game's final patch. You can consult the full patch notes here for a complete rundown.

Marvel's Avengers released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in September 2020, receiving Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Clint Barton Hawkeye, Black Panther, Spider-Man as a PlayStation exclusive, Mighty Thor Jane Foster, and final hero, Winter Soldier, as DLC characters. Support for Marvel's Avengers' campaign and its multiplayer will be available for the forseeable future.

  • And the lesson is never buy cosmetics again since they'll become free if you wait long enough.
  • @Unger:
    Just because one team decides to do one thing a certain way for one of their games ... how is this a lesson to be learned? Plenty of games where cosmetics are still not free nor ever will be.

    Fortnite has plenty of skins that are no longer available at all and is arguably the more important game. So what lesson to we take from it? Buy as soon as you can and give into your FOMO?

    The sensible approach to cosmetics hasn't changed at all: you want it, you get it. You can live without it, you probably shouldn't get it.
  • @Unger same applies for games in general, instead of paying full price for a game, you can usually get it in a sale or even free if you wait long enough
  • The real lesson is never ever spend real money on cosmetics and eventually they'll just be part of the game you've already paid for (as they should be).
  • The really real lesson here is don’t buy things ever, just slowly wait for death
  • The real lesson here is that some people never learn, and you wonder why.
  • Lmao so many people defending their cosmetic drops when they had to pay for them. What a fucking slap in the face to your most loyal fans.
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