Lords of the Fallen 2023 Boss Battle Gameplay - Cometh the Abominable Boglord

Lords of the Fallen 2023 Boss Battle Gameplay - Cometh the Abominable Boglord

Richard Walker

It's taken a fair while and three different developers, but the Lords of the Fallen reboot (formerly Lords of the Fallen 2 and The Lords of the Fallen) is finally start to take shape, and having played more than three hours of it, Hexworks' efforts haven't been in vain.

Following our 15-minute Lords of the Fallen gameplay walkthrough and written impressions earlier today, we've got some boss fight gameplay for you now, showcasing action from two of the game's encounters with colossal foes.

First up is aggressive knight Pieta, a swift and tricksy boss boasting a versatile array of attacks; then next is the grotesque Boglord, a lumpen abomination that dwells in a pit of slime and human corpses. Lovely.

You can take a look at showdowns with bosses Pieta and Boglord in the gameplay below, then steel yourself for the launch of Lords of the Fallen for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 13th October.

  • This is such a shameless copy of Soulsborne I don't see how they can get away with not being sued ...

    That said, it looks good LOL
  • @1 You ought to have realized by now this is a successor to the previous Lords of the Fallen.
  • @ KC1294 ... Sigh. Why so hostile and aggressive? OVER NOTHING.

    I will try to explain this to you like I would to a small child, a mentally handicapped person.

    Yes, I am aware this is a sequel to 2014's Lord of the Fallen.

    Yes, I am aware that 2014's Lord of the Fallen utilized similar mechanics to the FROM software games now referred to collectively as "Soulsbourne."

    However, 2014's Lord of the Fallen was not so blatantly derivative in terms of the art and visuals as we are seeing in this preview. The second boss is literally the Gaping Dragon x Gravelord Nito. The environments are indistinguishable to me.

    Whereas 2014's Lord of the Fallen actually tried to distinguish itself artistically from Demon's Souls / Dark Souls, this is tantamount to a copy. Imitation is, of course the sincerest form of flattery. But corporations and IP lawyers don't always agree.

    All that said, it looks great. But jeesh ...
  • @3 dreadnaught_
    "Why so hostile and aggressive? OVER NOTHING."
    Welcome to my world, sometime you gonna deal with soulless bots having a women period if you know what I mean.
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