Layers of Fear Gets 11 Minutes of Spine-Tingling Gameplay

Layers of Fear Gets 11 Minutes of Spine-Tingling Gameplay

Richard Walker

Developer Bloober Team has offered a first look at new gameplay from Layers of Fear, the horror game formerly known as ‘Layers of Fears’, which is due out this June. Offering 11 minutes, the new video walkthrough features the Painter from the original Layers of Fear, as well as new character, the Writer.

As the Writer, you'll enter the new location of the Lighthouse, a “lone and ghastly” place that harbours an untold story, linking all of the characters and events from the entire Layers series. You'll unravel various secrets, solve a range of puzzles, and face monstrous threats from the old Mansion.

All of this revolves around the use of a lantern - an essential tool that you'll use to confront Layers of Fear's nightmares. Built using Unreal Engine 5, with tech like Lumen, Ray Tracing, HDR, volumetric lighting, and Niagara, Layers of Fear will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in June 2023.

  • Looks very familiar, not bad but not a day 1 title.
  • I thought it was formerly known as Layers of Fear and not Layers of fears?
  • First game was fine, sequel was amazingly terrible. Now they are just remaking the first one? Devs for this game are acting like one hit wonder musicians who just keep tweaking the same song over and over. I wonder what their equivalent of 'acoustic version' will be if this is their 'rock opera' version.
  • @Spraragen88

    Agreed. When I first played Layer of Fear, it exceeded my expecations and the studio got my attention, but now I am very disappointed. Instead of always getting back to the first game for that former glory, the studio ought to make a new good game.
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